Is Russia campaigning against US President Donald Trump?

Washington: Is there a deep conspiracy in Russia to influence the presidential election? This question has arisen after the report which has claimed that Russia is spreading false information about America regarding CoronaVirus. The New York Times (NYT) report states that Russia’s military intelligence agency is disseminating false information about Corona to blame the Donald Trump administration for the virus in the eyes of American voters.

According to the report, it is being said by the Russian agencies that the corona virus is the product of the US military and Russia can help America in dealing with it. Allegedly, in 2016, Russia used social media accounts and other mediums of the Internet to spread false information in a similar way.

Intelligence department alerts
Last week, it was said on behalf of the US intelligence department that Russia, China and Iran could plot to influence the presidential election. However, not much information was provided in this regard, but it was definitely said that detailed information will be shared soon. Recently, Facebook has started labeling news coming from news agencies of Russia, especially RT Sputnik.

Most news on these websites
According to the report, the most misinformation about the US and the Corona virus was published in the Russian government-controlled site InfoRos. Similarly, Webportal OneWorld.Press is also not behind in propagating propaganda against the US. It is related to GRU, which is called CIA of Russia. Apart from the epidemic, these sites are running news affecting America in different ways.

150 articles with misleading information
The New York Times found that between May and June, 150 articles with misleading information were published on websites such as InfoRos, OneWorld, and Tass. One of them claimed that the corona was produced under a well-planned conspiracy, while in the other it was said that the US was using an epidemic to impose its perspective on the world. Not only this, when it was said on behalf of Beijing that COVID-19 is a biological weapon of America, then these websites also promulgated that news.


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