Indian Railways set a new record again, this unprecedented work done in the Corona era

New Delhi Even in the midst of the corona virus epidemic, Indian Railways is making all new records. Recently after breaking the record of 100 percent on-time, another good news is coming. Amidst the challenges of the Kovid-19 crisis, Indian Railways has loaded 31.3 lakh tonne on July 27, breaking the previous year’s freight record, compared to 31.2 lakh tonne last year. However, the total freight traffic of the trains was 18.18 percent less than the previous year.

According to the ministry, on 27 July 2020, the total cargo shipments stood at 31.3 lakh tonnes. Out of the total 1039 rakes of railway freight, 76 of food grains, 67 of fertilizers, 49 of steel, 113 of cement, 113 of iron ore and 363 cans of coal were included.

Average speed increase
The average speed of goods trains on this day was measured at 46.16 km per hour. This is double the average speed of 22.52 km per hour on the same date last year. The ministry said that in July this year, the average speed of goods trains was 45.03 km per hour. This is almost double compared to July last year. West Central Railway topped it with an average speed of 54.23 km per hour.

Trains under the Northeast Frontier Railway have an average speed of 51 kmph, 50.24 kmph in East Central Railway, 41.78 kmph in East Coast Railway, 42.83 kmph in South East Central Railway, 43.24 kmph in South East Railway. Ran on the Ghant and Western Railway with an average speed of 44.4 kmph.

Railway Board Chairman V.K. Yadav said, “These reforms in freight movement will be institutionalized and will be included in the zero-based time table in the coming times.” Through these measures, the earnings of freight and railways will increase and competitive operating costs for the whole country will increase to a great extent. ”

Indian Railways has set a target of increasing the freight by 50 per cent in the current financial year 2019-20. In order to make the freight attractive, the Indian Railways is also giving many concessions and discounts.

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