In the next follower scam case, the police will raise these questions in the next interrogation with love

Mumbai: Prannay Swarup, owner of Chtrbox Digital Company, was called again today in the social media fake followers scam, but Prannay Swarup refused to visit the crime branch due to Kovid not being staffed and documents not available. On Saturday too, Pranay was called and questioned under CrPC section 160 by the Crime Branch. Pranay Swaroop had said about his 30,000 clients in the statement. Today Prannay Swarup had to hand over the list of these 30,000 clients to the Crime Branch with full profile. Along with this, the crime branch has also sought full details of his company’s income for the last 4 years.

In this case, the crime branch has many questions that she wants to know from Prannoy:
1. On the official website of Pranay’s company Chatrbox, the number of his clients has been reported to be more than 3.5 lakhs, in investigation, this figure is 1,80,000 whereas he has given this figure to the crime branch for only 30,000, i.e. Just 10% of the figures mentioned in the website. How such a big difference has come.

2. Crime Branch is also engaged in knowing how the rate of influencers is decided.

3. When the brand takes any influencer at a rate, then how is that rate decided.

After the matter came to light, now every celebrity has come on the radar of Mumbai Crime Branch with more than 10 million followers on social media, along with his partner Roshan Abbas in the Mumbai Crime Branch Prannay format and commentary in IPL Will have questioned Gaurav Kapoor who has done it. Kashif Mansoor, who was arrested by the Crime Branch, has two clients, the first of whom is model Ashish Sharma, who has an Instagram account in the name of aashisharmaofficial while the other is social media influencer Ankita Arora, whose Instagram account is in the name of ankitaraghavarora. Now through these two accounts, you explain this fake followers scam.

We will talk about Ashi Sharma first. Ashi Sharma’s Instagram account gets views on average from 2000 to 5000 on common posts but 70,300 views on 21 May 2020 post, 50,000 views on 14 December 2019 post, 30,000 views on 28 December 2019 post and 9 October 2019 30,000 views can be seen on the post.

Social media influencer Ankit Arora also gets views on common posts between 2000 and 5000, but Ankita’s Instagram account has 34000 views on 1 July 2020 post, 30,000 views on 3 July 2020 post, 17 July 2020 post But 20,000 views, 30,000 views can be seen on the post of 9 June 2020.

The data for all these days has been obtained from the laptop of the accused branch, Kasif Mansoor, who runs the company of fake followers, which has been arrested by the crime branch.
The question is also arising that if only people associated with Bollywood are involved in such a big scam, then the answer is that many politicians, sportsmen, gym owners are also involved in it. But since the politician does not benefit monetarily from this, that is why at the moment they do not come under the purview of the crime branch.

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