In Siliguri an Assam girl survived on her way to the brothel| Apna Siliguri

The Siliguri police has rescued a forced woman from Assam from the clutches of some poor people, which they were preparing to deal with. The girl had good luck, which she survived by going to the brothel. The young man was in the mood to sell the girl here at the brothel. The girl ran away from a house in Gurung Basti and reached Gurung Basti traffic point, where the traffic police officer stopped her and took all the information.

According to the information received, some sex rackets taking advantage of the helplessness of poor and poor women have become active between the coronavirus and floods in Assam. These people deal with their body by showing them a dream of a good job or marriage. A girl from Assam was having an affair with a young man from Assam, Saqibul Islam for the past 6 months. There was reportedly love between the two. Meanwhile, one day both decided to settle down and escaped from their respective homes on Thursday and went to Siliguri. Here, an elder sister of Sakibul Islam lived in Gurung Basti. Here Saqibul Islam kept the girl in her sister’s house and had sexual relations with her. Meanwhile, the girl got suspicious from the conversation of Sakibul Islam, she secretly escaped from there and reached to the traffic officer Gurung Basti, where she called for help from the officer, stating her objections. Later this matter was referred to the Pradhan Nagar police station. Now the Principal City Police is engaged in the investigation of the whole case. Meanwhile, Saqibul Islam is being absconding.

It has been reported that these days a smuggling gang of girls has become active in the city, who trap young girls from poor poor families in their net and sell them at the brothels. Brokers also lure educated girls to a good job, or by showing them dreams of marrying them, they trap them and straighten their owl and then deal with their body. This entire sentence can be seen in this order. The police is involved in the investigation of the whole case.

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In Siliguri an Assam girl survived on her way to the brothel| Apna Siliguri

In Siliguri an Assam girl survived on her way to the brothel| Apna Siliguri

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