In one day, these biggest nobles earned so much, knowing that they will fly

Seattle: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made $ 13 million and Tesla CEO Elon Musk made $ 5 million on Monday, July 20 in a single day.

According to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, this one-day jump in Amazon’s founder’s earnings is the largest for anyone in history so far. Bezos’ fortunes shone when Amazon’s stock rose at a faster rate of 7.9 percent during the epidemic due to web shopping trends.

Amazon’s stock has already gone up by 73 percent this year. Ever since the corona virus epidemic began, it has been growing extremely fast. People from all over the world are being asked to stay in homes and this has led to an increase in shopping through web portals.

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Bezos currently has a net worth of $ 189.3 billion. The Amazon chief recently announced $ 2 billion to fight climate change so that the tech giant can fight this battle by intensifying its carbon reduction efforts.

Bezos has already earned $ 74.4 billion this year. Bezos’ ex-wife McKinsey Bezos has also increased his earnings by $ 4.6 billion this year to reach 13th position in the list of world’s richest. In the list of richest women, he is second to L’Oreal’s successor François Bettencourt Meyers.

Tesla head Elon Musk also shone on Monday, as Tesla stock rose 9.5 percent in earnings reports. Musk’s total wealth increased by $ 5 million and he became the world’s fifth richest man with a net worth of $ 74.2 billion.

Tesla’s surge in the stock market added $ 305.6 billion to the company’s value, leaving Toyota behind with $ 100 billion. Toyota was until recently the world’s highest-priced motor company, but Musk’s electric car initiative has shaken it.

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