Important information related to railway for common people, this new RULE is going to come for everyone

new Delhi: To protect against the coronavirus epidemic, Indian Railways is adopting all new measures of security. In such a situation, a new rule is going to be implemented within the ticket counter and train to keep less contact between people. Indian Railways has decided to implement the QR Code System in all train tickets. Very soon you will need only the QR Code, not the ticket, to travel on the train.

QR code to be kept in mobile phone
Like the airports, the railway is also planning to give contactless tickets with QR codes which can be scanned from mobile phones at stations and trains. Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav said that currently 85 percent of the train tickets are booked online and QR codes will be arranged for those buying tickets from the counter.

This is how you will get QR code
Yadav said, “We have introduced the QR code system which will be given on the ticket. Those purchasing online will be given a code on the ticket. Even on a window ticket, when someone is given a paper ticket, then a message will be sent on his / her mobile phone which will have a link to the QR code. The code will appear when you open the link. ” He said, “After this, the TTE will have a phone or equipment at the station or train from which the QR code of the passenger’s ticket will be scanned. Thus the process of checking tickets will be completely contactless. ” Yadav said that the Railways do not plan to be completely paperless at the moment, but the use of paper will be reduced to a great extent by starting online booking of reserved, unreserved and platform tickets.

This new service started in Kolkata metro also
He said that the online recharge facility of Kolkata Metro has been started. Like the airport, the process of checking the contactless ticket has been started at Prayagraj Junction station for all passengers as soon as they enter the station. Yadav said that the IRCTC website will be completely renovated and the process will be made simple, convenient and will be linked with the booking of hotels and meals.

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He said that Railways has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) under which trains can be monitored by satellite.


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