IAF Chief to receive Rafale, increased security at landing airbase

New Delhi The Air Force is ready to welcome the fighter jet rafale coming from France. The first batch of Rafal left from France on Monday (27 July) and reached the Al Dafra Airbase of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It took seven hours for the planes to arrive in the UAE from France. These aircraft will fly from Al Dhafra Air Base to Ambala Airbase of India on Wednesday (July 29). Al Dafra Airbase is located 32 kilometers from Abu Dhabi. During the landing of the planes, Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria will also be present in Ambala.

Indian Air Force fighter pilots are reaching the Ambala airbase after covering an air distance of 7000 km. The planes are brought with 17 Golden Arrows commanding officer pilots. All pilots have been trained by the French The Salt Aviation Company. Rafale will have a tremendous advantage in the current strength of the Indian Air Force as neither the Chinese nor the neighboring country Pakistan possesses the combat capability of the fifth generation fighter jet.

All five Rafale aircraft are being fueled by French tankers at the UAE airbase. After this, the aircraft will travel further to Ambala Airbase.

Explain that in view of the arrival of Rafale Aircraft at Ambala Air Force Station on July 29, orders have been issued under Section 144 of Indian Penal Code 1973, in view of security, Collector Ashok Kumar Sharma.

According to the orders issued by the Ambala administration, any type of photograph of the Air Force Station from places like Dhulkot, Baldev Nagar, Garnala, Panjokhara, etc., adjacent to the Air Force Station has been banned. These orders have come into force with immediate effect. He said that these orders have been issued to prevent the movement of anti-social elements around the air force and any kind of untoward incident. This is important in terms of security.

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