‘I am being pressured to make a statement against Riya Chakraborty’, why Siddharth is saying this

new Delhi: Late actor suShant Singh Rajput (Sushant Singh Rajput) The creative manager of Siddharth Pithani has written to the Mumbai Police informing that he is being pressured by Sushant’s family to make a statement against Riya Chakraborty, while he is about to Don’t know anything

Siddharth sent an email to Mumbai police saying, ‘On July 22, I got a conference call from Sushant’s family with OP Singh, Mitu Singh and an unknown number where I was staying in Mount Blanc with Riya Chakraborty and Sushant So they were asked about their expenses. Then on 27 July I got a call from another unknown number OP Singh and he asked me to give a statement against Riya Chakraborty to Bihar Police. I was told that I would get a call, after that I also got a call from an unknown number, but after 40 seconds that call was cut and no statement was recorded. I am being pressured to give such a statement against Riya, which I do not know.

While talking to Zee News, Siddharth refused to comment on this matter and said that he does not want to talk to anyone in this matter. The question is also why did Siddhartha come to Riya’s rescue? Did they send this email at the behest of Riya and her lawyer or did the Mumbai Police have it according to their theory?

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