‘Human Computer’ Shakunlata Devi posthumously got the Guinness World Record Certificate, made this record at the age of 10

New Delhi: Shakuntla Devi, a ‘human computer’ who has proved his mathematical ability worldwide, has been posthumously awarded an official certificate by the Guinness book of world record nearly 40 years after his achievement. The Guinness World Record formally handed over Shakuntlata Devi’s certificate of being a human computer to her daughter on Thursday (30 July). The record for the fastest calculation by man is 28 seconds which was made by Shakuntala Devi on 18 June 1980 at Imperial College of London, UK.

Record was made by multiplying 13-13 digits in 28 seconds

Shakuntala Devi correctly multiplied two numbers of 13-13 digits in just 28 seconds. This certificate was received by Anupama Banerjee, daughter of the late Shakuntala Devi. Banerjee said that when her mother set this world record, she must have been some 10 years old. “I used to talk about that record wherever I went,” Banerjee said in an interview. So I knew that this is a big achievement all over the world. I remember visiting the Trocadero Center (an entertainment complex on London’s Coventry Street). He has a room in which there are pictures of mother. It was unimaginable. ”

Vidya Balan played the character of Shakuntali Devi

She received the honor a day before the streaming of ‘Shakuntala Devi’ on Banerjee’s mother’s life started on Amazon Prime (on 31 July). Directed by Anu Menon, the film stars Vidya Balan as Shakutala Devi. Balan says that he is very happy and now Banerjee will have this certificate for the whole life.
The actress told, “We often met Anupama Banerjee while shooting for Shakuntala Devi in ​​London. In conversation with him I came to know that the late Shakuntala Devi does not have any official certificate of Guinness World Record. It was not a trend at that time. “He said,” Vikram Malhotra (producer of the film) and I started to make it possible after that. Together with the team of Amazon, we talked to the Guinness Word Record team, they supported us a lot. ”

Shakuntala Devi’s daughter praised Sanya and Vidya Balan
Anupama Banerjee says that Vidhya Balan has played her mother’s character very beautifully on screen. He has also praised Sanya Malhotra for playing his role in the film. Guinness World Record editor-in-chief Craig Glenday says that even after so many years this amazing achievement of Shakuntala Devi is a part of his archives.

They say that far from breaking this record, no one has even been able to match it and this establishes the mind strength of Shakuntala Devi and the importance of this mental challenge. He said, “The worldwide celebration of the life and career of human computers was pending for a long time and the Guinness World Record is proud to play its part in it.”


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