How 26 Rohingya Muslims reached Malaysia’s island, feared drowned after missing

Kuala Lumpur: The 26 people of the Rohingya Muslim community from a beach in Malaysia have received the right safeguards, who were expected to be drowned in the sea. Malaysian officials informed about the Rohingya Muslims meeting on Monday. Some women and children are also included in these people. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency began a search operation after a Rohingya migrant was found on Saturday from the island of Langkawi’s northern resort island. The arrested Rohingya immigrant had told investigators that 24 Rohingya Muslims of his community were missing, who were with him.

Senior agency official Javavi Abdullah said that during the search operation another 26 Rohingya met there. He said that 12 men, 10 women and four children have met there. It seems that the local fishermen were taking them to a big boat. In a statement, Abdullah said that all have been taken into custody for questioning and now they will be handed over to the immigration department. Meanwhile, two other Rohingya migrants have been arrested on charges of human trafficking.

Human trafficking and illegal immigration are major problems
All the countries of the world are struggling with the problem of human trafficking. Efforts are continuing to settle in other countries illegally. Human traffickers recover money from these people by luring them to cross the border through dangerous paths and later leave them by handing them their luck. Entry into another country by illegal means in search of a better life is not new. Apart from the problem of displacement of Rohingya Muslims, the news of people of this community entering into other countries often comes up, police of many countries, Border Security Force and Navy are pretending to stop such cases. One such in Malaysia The matter was revealed during checking.


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