Herman Cain, who attended Donald Trump’s rally, died of corona virus

Washington: American businessman and former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who attended the rally of President Donald Trump, has passed away, ignoring the threat of Coronavirus.

Corona was found positive after taking part in Can Trump’s Tulsa Rally. He fought the corona for almost a month, but lost the battle. According to Newsmax, Cain died at a hospital in the Atlanta area, where he was admitted in early July. Herman Cain’s website HermanCain.com has confirmed his death. A statement issued by the site said that ‘our boss, friend and father Harman Cain is no longer among us. Although he lived a very healthy life, but due to the history of cancer, he was in the high risk group.

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Cain was born in December 1945 in Tennessee. Despite being from a poor family, he had established a distinct identity in the business world. He was also the CEO of Pizza Godafther. Cain also tried his hand at the presidential election. He was involved in this race in 2012 on behalf of Republicans. Herman Cain attended President Trump’s rally without a mask, ignoring all warnings. Later, when he was found to have corona symptoms, he was tested, which was reported to be positive. After this, 74-year-old Cain was admitted to an Atlanta-area hospital.

However, Cain and his colleagues were unwilling to believe that they had been held at the Corona Trump rally. Dan Calabrese, who had been editor of HermanCain.com since 2012, said that we don’t really know how Herman got hit by Corona. I know people are looking at this by linking it to the Tulsa rally, but the reality is that they traveled to several places in Arizona last week.

Significantly, Trump was advised by experts not to hold a rally in the midst of the Corona crisis, but he ignored it. Top US health expert Anthony Fauci and former FDA chief Scott Gottileb also said that there was a risk of the infection spreading rapidly. According to Donald Trump’s election campaign website, those attending rallies have to declare that if they have corona virus during the rally, they will not sue for it.

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