Helicopter to fly on Mars, NASA launches Mars mission

Cape canaveral In order to analyze the evidence of an ancient life by bringing the rock of Mars (mars mission) to Earth for the first time, the US space agency NASA launched the largest and complex rover (mars Rover) on Thursday. ) did. Under this long-lasting ambitious project, a car-shaped rover has been built which is equipped with camera, microphone, drill and laser. NASA’s rover, named Perseverance rover, set off on a powerful Atlas-5 rocket (Atlas 5) in the morning on a trip to Mars.

Rover will reach the red planet next year
China and the United Arab Emirates have also sent their rovers to reach Mars last week. It is expected that the rover of the three countries will reach the red planet by February next year after traveling for seven months and 48 crore kilometers. Powered by plutonium, the six-wheeled rover will pierce the surface of Mars and collect microscopic samples of rocks that will likely be brought to Earth in 2031. More countries are also expected to be involved in this exercise. The total cost of the rover is said to be US $ 8 billion.

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This is the purpose of this mission
In addition to finding evidence of life on Mars, this expedition will provide a lot of information about the Red Planet, which is expected to pave the way for human expedition by 2030s. Shortly before the launch of the vehicle, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein said, “We have named this robot (rover) for some reason. Because going to Mars is very difficult. ” The English word ‘perseverance’ means to do something with determination or determination. Bridenstein said, “It’s always been difficult. It has never been easier. It was a more difficult task in the midst of the epidemic. “

America is the only country to have success in landing spacecraft
In more than half of the expeditions to Mars from around the world, the vehicles have either been burnt or collided and destroyed. America is the only country which has succeeded in landing the spacecraft on Mars in a very safe manner. The rover sent this time is America’s ninth expedition and NASA hopes to land safely. If all goes well, the rover will land on Mars on 18 February 2021.

The Rover has 25 cameras and two microphones. Perceivers will go to the Jjero crater to find evidence of life. It is believed that there are remains of microbes on the rocks of this place and there was a lake three billion years ago. Rover will collect 15 grams of rock samples in a titanium tube. He will also leave a small helicopter, which will be the first attempt to fly on another planet.


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