HC directs center to investigate corona investigation of mentally ill homeless people

new Delhi: Today, the Delhi High Court heard a petition demanding the corona test of mentally ill homeless people. The court has ordered the central government to conduct COVID-19 (COVID-19) test for mentally ill homeless people. These homeless sick people do not have any identity card. Even after this, the Ministry of Health took every step that could lead to Kovid-19 test of these people.

Petitioner Gaurav Bansal informed the court that according to the guidelines of ICMR, it is very important for the person who is conducting the Kovid-19 test to have an identity card. The Kovid-19 test cannot be done without an identity card, after which the court asked the Health Ministry to take every step so that these homeless people can get Kovid test.

The court expressed concern over the condition of the ICMR making the identity card mandatory for the corona test.

The petition said that these homeless people do not even have passport photographs, so where will they bring other documents to prove their identity? In such a situation, there is a need to immediately create a system that can test them.

After the hearing, the Delhi High Court directed the central government to file an additional affidavit on the matter within 2 weeks. The court will now hold the next hearing in the case on August 7.

During the hearing, the petitioner and lawyer Gaurav Bansal told the court that the ICMR’s affidavit clearly shows that the ICMR does not know how to do the corona test of homeless mentally ill people.

Bansal further said that the ICMR Guidelines issued on 19 June 2020 insisted on the identity card of the people coming for the test at the Kovid Center, but it is not possible to have such documents because they do not have any identity. is.

Bansal told the court that Delhi government hospital IHBAS, which treats such people, has also filed an affidavit stating that due to the current guidelines of the ICMR, they too face difficulties in corona testing of mentally ill homeless patients. have to do.

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