Google accused of breaking privacy rules, legal action started

Canberra: Australia’s consumer rights and market competition regulator has initiated legal action against the internet search engine company Google, alleging alleged violations of citizens’ right to privacy. At the same time, the company has said that the allegations made by the regulator are not justified.

The forum says that the company confused the users about the use of their personal information. This is a new case of alleged privacy violation against Google. The company is facing such charges in various countries of the world.

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Australia has filed this case in the federal court here on Monday. The Commission alleges that this California-based company confuses crores of Australians and obtained permission from them to use their personal information. He broadened the scope of the use of his personal information, which he uses for advertisers.

In 2016, the charge against Google is to combine the personal information of its Google account holders with the information used on their non-Google sites. These non-Google sites use Google technology. They were formerly known as DoubleClick.

Commission chairman Rod Sims said, “We allege that Google did not take their consent from the people in a clear manner”.

He said that the Commission believes that people pay in a way by allowing the use of their information in exchange for the consumption of Google’s service. In this way, this new change made by Google is like increasing the value of its services, about which no information was given to the customers.

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In this, Google said in a statement that it has cooperated with the commission in the investigation. He sought consent from his users through easily understood information. She does not agree with the commission’s allegations and will defend herself in court.

Recently the government of Australia has planned to pay them to the news organization by taking news content shown on social media including Facebook. In the Corona virus crisis, the advertising income of news organizations has fallen, due to which the government has made this plan. In a few days, the commission will issue rules and rates related to it. Google has been working closely with the Commission on this plan in the last few months.

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