Good news for parents, High court gives important decision on the school fees issue in Lockdown

Bilaspur: Chhattisgarh High Court (High court) Has given a big verdict on the school fees for the recovery of the parents during the lockdown. The court on Monday quashed the state government order stating that private school lockdown (LockdownFees during ()School fees) Will postpone the recovery and ensure the salary of teachers.

Giving information in this regard, advocate Ashish Shrivastava said that a single bench of Chhattisgarh High Court has quashed the state government’s order related to school fees, but also in the lockdown period, providing relief to both schools and parents. Only tuition fees are ordered.

Srivastava said that while accepting the demand of tuition fees of private school operators, the court has directed that apart from this, no other fees will be taken from the parents and no employee will be removed from the job. As per the court order, all the online classes will continue and school fees will not be increased this year.

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Advocate said that the Bilaspur Private School Management Association Society, an institution of 22 private schools in Bilaspur, also challenged the state government’s order of 22 April 2020 in the court in which the Directorate of Public Instruction said, “Private school lockdown period During the school fees will be postponed and will ensure the salary of all teachers and staff. The order also asked the parents not to ask for the fees repeatedly.

The Society had said in its petition that they do not get any financial support from the government and they have to resort to fees to pay the salaries of the management and staff of the school and teachers, so they should at least get tuition fees during this period. To be allowed

The advocate said that the court had reserved the verdict by completing the hearing on July 9 by a single bench of Justice P. Sam Koshy. While giving the verdict on Monday, the bench quashed the state government’s order not to charge fees and allowed schools to charge only tuition fees.

Srivastava said that the court has directed the private school operators that the parents who are not able to pay the fees will be able to apply before the school with the appropriate documents, on which the school management will sympathetically consider and decide to waive the fees.

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