Gold prices have reached record highs, know the latest rates here

new Delhi: With the strengthening of the market, the prices of gold are also increasing continuously. Gold prices reached record highs on Tuesday. Although the boom in gold was from the time of opening of the market, by the evening the historical bounce from gold reached a record level of Rs 49,500 per 10 grams.

At around 09.40 am on Tuesday, gold was trading at Rs 49120.00 per 10 grams on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) with a gain of about Rs 93.00. Gold on MCX opened at Rs 49,078 per ten grams.

Good business continued in Sona till evening. In the evening, gold prices jumped to a level of Rs 49,500. This surge in prices continued continuously and after some time the price rose again to Rs 49,579 per gram.

Gold up 25 percent in a year
Our partners According to the beginning of this year, gold was at the level of Rs 39 thousand per ten grams, which has so far crossed the level of Rs 49500 per ten grams. In a year, the price of gold has gone up by about 25 percent.

Silver also rises
Silver also appeared to trade well with gold and was trading at a price of Rs 56881 per kg in the evening.

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Due to the sharp rise in the international market, the price of silver in Indian Futures Market reached such a high for the first time since September 2013.



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