Gehlot has majority, why floor test is needed in Vidhan Sabha: Governor

new Delhi: The struggle for power in Rajasthan is taking an interesting turn with each passing day. The battle through the Chief Minister’s residence and hotel has now reached the Governor’s residence i.e. Raj Bhavan. Annoyed with the governor for not calling the assembly session, Ashok Gehlot first warned that if the people besiege the Raj Bhavan, they will not be responsible. After this, pro-Gehlot MLAs staged a sit-in at the Raj Bhavan for 5 hours. Governor Kalraj Mishra also wrote a letter and hit back at Ashok Gehlot. The governor said that the government cannot even protect the governor. The governor asked the Gehlot government that when you have a majority, what is the need to call the assembly session? Today the Congress will protest against the BJP in entire Rajasthan.

Ashok Gehlot has now come out openly against Governor Kalraj Mishra. Gehlot alleges that despite repeated calls, the Governor is not calling the assembly session because he is under pressure from the BJP. Gehlot even said that if people came to surround the Raj Bhavan, they should not be blamed.

The Governor of Rajasthan, Kalraj Mishra, also hit back at the Gehlot government and asked what would happen to the law and order in the state if your government could not protect the Raj Bhavan. Which agency should be contacted to protect the governor? I have never heard such a statement from any CM.

The Governor wrote a letter to the Gehlot government and asked 7 questions:

first question: If the government already has a majority, then what is the need for a majority test by calling an assembly session?
second question: There is no reason nor agenda to call the session on short notice
Third question: In normal circumstances, it is mandatory to give 21 days notice.
Fourth question: No date of the assembly session has been stated in the cabinet note nor has the cabinet given any approval for the session
Fifth question: The case of disqualification of some MLAs is under consideration in the High Court and the Supreme Court.
Sixth question: How will the assembly session be called given the circumstances of Kovid-19?
Seventh question: Ensure independence and freedom of movement of all MLAs.

To answer all these questions of the Governor, Ashok Gehlot called a cabinet meeting at the Chief Minister’s residence. Here, BJP surrounded Ashok Gehlot and said that SOG Chief and Gehlot family have business relations. Rahul Gandhi, who has remained silent on the matter of Rajasthan for many days, tweeted and accused the BJP of conspiring to bring down the government.

The Congress will stage a sit-in protest against the BJP in Rajasthan today. Experts believe that although the Governor works on the advice of the Council of Ministers, there is still a special situation. The case of rebel MLAs is in court. In such a situation, the governor can take a decision according to his own.


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