Gehlot government sent revised proposal to the Governor for convening assembly session from July 31

Jaipur: The Rajasthan Government has sent a revised proposal to call the Governor Kalraj Mishra on Tuesday for convening the session of the Assembly from 31 July. After deliberating on the revised proposal in the Gehlot Cabinet meeting, it has been sent to the Raj Bhavan.

Official sources said, “After the approval from the cabinet, the revised letter has been sent to the Raj Bhavan today.”

According to sources, the government has not even mentioned in its revised proposal whether it wants to get a confidence vote in the assembly session. However, it is proposed to call the session from 31 July.

The state government has sent this proposal to the Governor for the third time. Two times before this, Raj Bhavan has returned the proposal to the government with some points.

Earlier, the Rajasthan cabinet meeting was held here on Tuesday in which the points raised by the Governor on the revised proposal to call the assembly session were discussed.

After the meeting, Transport Minister Pratap Singh Khachariwas said that the government wants the session from July 31. In response to a question, he said, ‘We want the session from July 31. What was proposed earlier is our right, legal right. We are sending the same back.

He said, ‘We have sent the same back, now if you come to the dictatorship, if you decide that we will not accept what is enshrined in the constitution, then what will the country do?’

Khachariwas said, ‘… we sincerely hope that the Governor will accept this proposal of the Cabinet of the Gehlot Government of Rajasthan, respecting the constitution of the country.’

Regarding the points raised by the Governor, Khachariwas said, “Although the law does not give him the right to question, yet respecting him has given a very good answer to his points. Now the Governor has to decide that he should understand the feeling of Rajasthan and every Rajasthani.

The minister said, ‘We do not want a confrontation with the governor. There is no resentment from our governor. Neither do we have any competition. The Governor is the head of our family.

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He said, ‘Governor, according to the constitution, allow the assembly session to be called. This is our right. We do not want any confrontation. We want the Government of Rajasthan to be sure, move forward and do the work of the people.

Along with this, Khachariwas said, ‘If the Governor does not approve the proposal even this time, then it means that there is no constitution in the country. The appointed Governor of the Government of India is doing politics by keeping the Constitution on hold.

On the suggestion of 21 days notice given by the Governor to call the session, Khachariwas said, ‘The Governor has not given any date. He did not give a date that after 21 days you can do the session. They declare the date. They should give the date 21 days of talk are happening here, don’t roam here, this game is going on, to become football, to avoid it. If they do not agree with our date, then give their date. If they send a date after 21 days, their poll will be revealed.

Khachariwas said that the Central Government and BJP are insulting Rajasthan and every Rajasthani and she wants to pressurize the Governor. He said that BJP is working as a slave of Congress rebels. Khachariwas said that no MLA supporting Gehlot is going to break.

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