First Corona case in North Korea, Kim Jong imposed emergency

Pyongyang: An emergency has been imposed in North Korea after the first case of Coronavirus infection was revealed. In fact, a person who entered the border of North Korea illegally from South Korea was found to have symptoms of corona. His investigation report has come positive. As soon as the first positive case comes up, Kim Jong-un has declared a state of emergency to stop the spread of Corona.

Let me tell you that there has been a panic when the Corona suspect entered North Korea. To avoid the spread of corona in the country, Kim Jong-un decided to make an emergency in a hurry. Kim said that this is a difficult time for the country.

The corona victim had been living in South Korea for three years. He returned to the city of Kesong, North Korea on 19 July this month. After coming from there, he was having trouble breathing. After meeting the corona patient, samples are being taken for corona examination of the people who came in contact with the person.

An analyst said that declaring emergency is in the country’s interest. Here is the first case of Corona. A professor at Kyung Hee University said that the first case of corona in North Korea is a big incident.

North Korean officials are in a position to illegally cross the world’s safest border.

The South Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “The army will have to check the video footage to see how that person crossed the border.”

Please tell that thousands of people are affected by Corona virus in South Korea and thousands of people are in quarantine.

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