Fake passport will be banned, now E-passport with chip will come, these features will be special

new Delhi: Corona (Coronavirus) In view of the increasing cases of crisis, cyber attack and passport fraud, the government has taken a step towards major change. Government of India Fast Electronic Passport (E-Passport), Which will speed up the entire process of passport verification up to 10 times. Apart from being completely touchless, it will also be equipped with many great features.

IIT Kanpur working in this chain is making 60 KB of silicon chip for e-passport. Up to 30 trips can be stored in this chip. Apart from this, features like biometric will also be seen in the chip database. The government claims that with its practice, incidents like passport fraud can be controlled.

Actually, the entire work of e-passport creation will be done under the supervision of the Ministry of External Affairs. For this, an agreement has been signed between National Informatics Center and IIT Kanpur. Together these two institutions are engaged in the manufacture of electronic passport’s silicon chip. The printing and assembling of passports will be done at the Indian Security Press Nashik, that is, this secure electronic passport will be fully equipped with indigenous technology.

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Let us tell you that the Government of India had taken steps towards electronic passports in 2017 itself. Keeping in mind the increasing cyber disgrace, passport fraud and Karona infection, work on this scheme has been speeded up and efforts are on to bring touchless facility. Explain that before India such passports are prevalent in countries like Hong Kong and Singapore which are both safe and successful.

What is e-passport?
This will be a passport equipped with advanced security features on which the applicant will have a digital sign. A 60kb chip has been installed in it, which will store the complete data of the applicant such as biometric information such as photos, e-signature, eyes and fingerprints. In such a situation, if a person tries to damage this chip, then his passport will become useless. Apart from this, the information stored in the chip cannot be read without a physical passport.

What is unique?
The e-passport will be manufactured with indigenous Indian technology. In which the front and back covers will be thick. The back cover of the physical passport will have a smaller silicon chip than the postage stamp. It will only take a few seconds to read this chip. Apart from this, the e-passport will contain all the barcodes of 30 foreign visits and visas. Touchless immigration will be possible through this passport, so that more protection can be given during the Karona transition period.

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