Exclusive: these shocking revelations in Sushant Singh case will make you think too

Mumbai: Sushant Singh Rajput Started a company called Vividrage RhealityX Pvt Ltd in September 2019. Riya Chakraborty and Sushant had been in talks for this company for a long time. At the behest of Riya, the name of this company also included Riya’s name in the word Reality. Not only this, Riya also convinced Sushant to make his brother Shovik Chakraborty a director in the company.

A month or two later, Sushant reportedly suffered from deep depression and underwent treatment from four different doctors in Mumbai. At the same time, in January 2020, when Sushant was undergoing treatment, Riya’s brother Shovik started another company Front India for World Foundation with Sushant. These two companies were registered at the address of a small house in Navi Mumbai. Just a few days before Sushant’s death, Riya Chakraborty suspiciously quit her directorship from Vividrage RhealityX Pvt Ltd.

Has Sushant’s father accused him of misappropriation of about Rs 15 crore from his bank account, these funds have reached Riya and Shovik through these companies, which are to be investigated.

The questions are also –
After all, what was the motive behind getting these companies registered at a suspicious address?

– Is there any conspiracy to start a company about 9 months before Sushant’s death, while starting another company just 5 months ago?

After all, why did Riya Chakraborty suddenly break up with this company, for which she was very keen?

– Are these two companies used only with the intention to squeeze Sushant’s earnings?

These are the questions that are yet to be answered.

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