Dungarpur: Two brothers on the charge of killing a young man, who arrived in the village after 6 months walking in jail

Akhilesh Sharma, Dungarpur: Sensational revelations have been revealed in the case of the alleged murder of a youth of Kherpeda village in Dhambola police station area of ​​Dungarpur district of Rajasthan in Gujarat. The young man, whose brother is accused of murder, is eating the air of Gujarat jail, the same youth returned home after 6 months. When the young man returned home, the family and the villagers were surprised to see him. The family could not even express happiness on seeing him because only two of his brothers are in jail on the charge of killing him.

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Actually, the matter is about Ishwar, a resident of Kherpeda in Dhambola police station area. Ishwar went to Junagadh in Gujarat for wages in December 2019, but was stuck in Gujarat due to the lock-down, he could not contact anyone due to the lack of mobile numbers of the households. After this, on 6 February 2020, the body of a young man was found in the forest near Morigaon in the Gujarat Isri police station area. The body was swollen due to being old and ever strangled. In the police investigation, the dead body connection of the youth came out from Kharapeda.

God’s wife Seema and brother-in-law and father-in-law identified it as Khatu Manat, the son of God, a resident of Kharpeda, but the brothers and family of God told the police that the body was not of God. At the same time, Ishwar’s wife told the body to be of God and gave a report against her brother-in-law Prakash and brother-in-law Paras, and accused her of killing her husband. The police arrested the two brothers in the murder case of Ishwar and sent them to jail and since then they are in jail. At the same time, the family was suspicious, so they did not perform the last rites and buried the dead body in the village itself. In the meantime, when God returned home on July 25, he came to know that his own brother is lodged in Modasa jail in Gujarat for the murder.

Here now the suffering God and his family have pleaded for justice. Ishwar and his family accused the Gujarat police and Ishwar’s in-laws side of conspiracy to demand legal action from the Home Department of Gujarat and Rajasthan and the Human Rights Commission. Also demanded the protection of his own life and property. At the same time, it is demanded that the person whose body was registered as a murder case of God has also demanded to be disclosed.

However, in this entire case, the Gujarat Police’s very negligence has come to light. At the same time, the role of the victim God and his in-laws’ side has also been questionable. The aggrieved party has pleaded for justice and demanded action against the culprits. Now it will be a matter to see how long the victim God and his two brothers, who are serving the punishment without any penalty, can get justice.

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