Drunk man swallows knife, AIIMS doctors perform surgery to pull him out of liver

new Delhi: The example of what an addict can do to a human being was seen when the doctors at AIIMS Hospital in Delhi extracted a knife from the stomach of a person. If a drug was not found in the lockdown, then a man swallowed the knife. Surprisingly, even after striking a 20 cm knife with water, this man remained silent for one to two and a half months, did not tell anyone anything. But when he had abdominal pain and fever, he went for treatment. When the tests were done, it was found that there is a knife inside the stomach. Immediately this patient was referred to AIIMS, where the team of doctors managed to remove the sharp knife stuck in the liver by surgery.

But with such a big knife inside the stomach, the doctors were also surprised how they swallowed it. The AIIMS doctor says that special attention needs to be given to the people around them, if there are some changes in them, then take them to the doctor immediately.

Youth is suffering from mental illness
A 28-year-old youth from Palwal in Haryana was a victim of drug addiction. He was addicted for many years and due to this he had developed psychosis. But he did not get it treated. Psychosis patients often swallow spoons and pins. But the incident of swallowing the knife is shocking. Doing this surgery was extremely challenging for the doctors. The patient was not able to withstand the surgery. Also, in view of the transition period of the corona, before the surgery, it was ensured that the patient does not have the corona, therefore, the first test of his kovid was done. A further plan was prepared only after the report came negative. Pus was being formed in the liver, 100 mL pus was coming out every day.

Three hours to remove knife
Pus was removed for four to five days. Water was stored in the chest, it was removed through a tube. If there was bleeding inside the stomach, there was a lack of blood in his body, three units of blood were given and high doses were given antibiotics. After 7 days he was fit for surgery. During this time counseling was also done from his psychiatry. The knife was taken off the stomach of this patient, it took about three hours to remove it. Now there is improvement in the patient, but he is still kept in observation and counseling is being done continuously.

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