Drivers went to court against Uber in Britain, know what the whole case is

London: A group of drivers in the UK filed a legal suit in court against Uber, which runs a taxi app, demanding that the company disclose the algorithms through which it manages their work.

Filed case
The App Drivers and Couriers Association of Britain has filed this case in the District Court of Amsterdam on Monday. Uber is the international headquarters of cab booking app Uber. Union wants transparency with Uber
And wants to check if the company is not discriminating, is it not behaving differently with the drivers.

Amsterdam’s privacy lawyer Anton Ecker, who is fighting this case, says that it is about the ‘distribution of power’. According to the Guardian, he told, “This is about how Uber is keeping control under the data and the automated decision-making process, and the rest is restricted from access to others”.

App fixes profiling several times a day
The app decides millions of times a day, who is going to take which ride, who is getting a good ride, who is traveling a short distance. But this is not only about Uber. There is problem everywhere. Algorithms and data give a lot of control but the people who are connected to it, often they have no idea about it. According to the complainant, “Uber tags the drivers’ profiles with words like ‘inappropriate behavior’, ‘police tag’ and ‘professionalism’ and the results of these charges, based on which the drivers are judged, should be communicated to them.” Don’t go ”.

The union argues that they have the right to access to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), but Uber is not giving them this. They want to know about the data based on which the driver is profiling, ie behavior, location and movement.

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