Dreadful incident! Marriage collected after recovering 3 lakhs, the bridegroom’s body found hanging on the tree the next day

Chandrasekhar Solanki, Ratlam: A young man decorated Armaan for the wedding and brought the bride for himself for 3 lakh rupees through an agent, but the bride died in disguise inside her house. The next day of the wedding, the groom’s body was found hanging from a tree 100 km away from the house and the bride, along with the family, escaped with 3 lakh cash and 12 tola gold. This is not the story of any film but is a reality. This incident has happened with Mahendra Kalal, deceased youth of Ghalkia in Rajasthan.

Let me tell you that on the morning of July 29, on the roadside on Sailana Banswara bypass of Ratlam district, the police reached the spot and identified the young man by searching the family with the phone found near the deceased. Deceased youth Mahendra Rajasthan K was a resident of Galkia. The events told by his family made everyone aware.

Family members said that the deceased Mahendra used to work as an electrician in Kuwait for a long time. 7 months ago, Mahendra had returned from Kuwait to his house in Ghalakia in Rajasthan. After the lockdown, he started searching for the bride for marriage, when the talk was not made through the family, then Mukesh, a marriage agent of Ghalakia village, arranged her marriage to Meenakshi Purohit, resident of Dhar. Meenakshi and her family reached Mahendra’s house on July 26, where Agent Mukesh arranged marriage to Mahendra and Meenakshi for Rs 3 lakh. On 27 July, Mahendra and Meenakshi were married at home by paying a fixed sum of 3 lakh to the bride’s family.

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After this, some people from the bride’s family came on the night of 28 July. Then Meenakshi and Mahendra went out after taking the edge with them and asking other family members to get their blessings. But on July 29, Mahendra’s body was found hanging from his T-shirt on a tree on the roadside on the Sailana Banswara bypass in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh.

The relatives of the deceased Mahendra told that the bride Meenakshi and her family escaped with 3 lakh cash and 12 Tola gold jewelery. The relatives have alleged that the agent and his companions, including bride Meenakshi, have carried out this development by pretending to be false marriage. This is a gang of robbers who have killed Mahendra. The relatives also have the Aadhaar card of the bride Meenakshi in which the bride’s name is Meenakshi Purohit and address torrent.

Here the police have said that action will be taken on the basis of the statement of the relatives. Police says that the post-mortem of the deceased has been conducted at the moment. After the report comes, further action will be taken.

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