Dotasara took charge as PCC President, CM Gehlot gave this big statement

Jaipur: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on taking charge of the post of State Congress President To Govind Singh Dotasara Congratulations. At the event organized at PCC, Gehlot said that congratulations I became the Chief Minister but my soul remains in PCC. I had the privilege of becoming the President of PCC three times.

The Chief Minister said that my request to Govind Singh Dotasara that the tradition of calling a convention in the year or two years in the Congress, should be started again. this State workers participate in the session Do. There should be a review of the functioning of the government, criticism should be made, there should be talk of coordination between the organization power, listen to the workers. Nowadays our habbit of listening to criticism is over, it should be revived.

The Chief Minister said that Dotasara Ji as PCC President, the entire government is with you. You work to strengthen the organization. The Chief Minister said that the manner in which the BJP is plotting, the compulsion has to be kept in the hotel of Congress MLAs. In 50 years, I have not lived in hotels as much as I have to stay. CM said that people have cheated the party, they should apologize to the high command. The decision the high command will take will be acceptable to us. Will not break public confidence. The public is constantly communicating with the MLAs. Not for any work on the telephone, but saying that you win the battle, I want to tell the legislators that I am responsible for compensating the loss of work that has been done in the assembly area in 1 month.

Our priority is not to do politics in Corona recently but to save people’s lives. This is the first time in the history of 70 years that a governor has returned the file of the resolution passed in the cabinet thrice. All our MLAs may cry or stay for days. Victory will be ours


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