Do you have a cold Do not panic apna Siliguri

At this time, Corona is in panic in Siliguri. In such a situation, if a person has a cold, cold or seasonal fever, then the fear of corona is eliminated. At present, a person with a cold cold in Siliguri is considered a corona suspect and is advised to home quarantine. While winter is the season of cold. But due to the Corona period, the cold has also fallen to the corona. You fall into the illusion of corona by falling prey to the perception of people or, say, seeing half-incomplete symptoms of corona.

If you are suffering from a cold cold or a common fever, then this report is for you. Today news time is making an attempt to relieve you from panic. If you have a cold, then be happy, because it is giving you the strength to fight Kovid-19. Scientists believe that having a cold should provide immunity to the body against Kovid-19. You can be relaxed. Your immunity is increasing. According to Dr. Devashish Danda, former CME of Sanjay Gandhi PGI, Vellore immunologist, antibodies and t-cells are made in the body to fight against the cold. Antibodies disappear after some time, but t-cells remain present in the body. They provide immunity to protect us from Kovid-19.

You will be surprised to know that the vaccine made for Kovid-19 is also based on tea sales. So if antibodies are not found in anyone’s body, then there is nothing to worry about. Because after infection, t-cells are present in it, which provide immunity. Speaking of another secret here, it would not surprise us that the cases of corona infection in India are not as serious as those abroad, especially in the western countries. The death rate in our country is also much lower than in western countries. What is the reason for this? The reason for this is the common cold in Indians, which in medical language can be called seasonal corona. This gives us immunity.

Even before Corona, SARS and MARS had infections in India, but their impact was rarely seen in India. According to Dr. Danda, due to the cross protection immunity among Indians, coronavirus is not as deadly here. On Hygiene Hypothesis, he said that we Indians do not live in very clean hygiene environment. Due to this, all the pathogens that cause disease, we continue to face after being born. It also strengthens our immunity. According to him, the common cold that occurs in 99% of the cases is seasonal coronavirus, which is cured on its own. But if you see some symptoms like a cold, as well as problems with breathing, lack of taste or aroma, then it is necessary to contact a doctor immediately. Apart from this, according to the guidelines of the Health Department, our lifestyle should be the same. It is necessary to follow the use of masks, social distancing, etc. Through this article, the misconceptions of all those readers who have been in Corona panic due to the cold cold.

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Do you have a cold Do not panic apna Siliguri

Do you have a cold Do not panic apna Siliguri

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