DNA ANALYSIS: The journey from social distancing to social media in lockdown

new Delhi: The whole world has been facing the infection of Covid 19 for the last several months and during this time people are following social distancing. People are keeping distance from each other. But this distance does not apply on social media and people are getting closer to each other on social media. According to a new report, now more than half of the world’s population is active on social media. These reports have been prepared by organizations named Data-Reportal and Global Web Index.

According to this report, the number of active people on social media in the whole world is 396 crores.

In the last one year, more than 10 lakh people are connected on social media every day, that is, every second 12 users are connected through some platform of social media.

Social media is the only way to stay connected with people at home in lockdown. In such a situation, people who did not use social media before. They have also created accounts on different social media platforms.

What the figures say
During the last one year, the number of new people using mobile phones has increased to 12 million 10 lakhs. The number of internet users has increased by 34 crore 60 lakhs. At the same time, the number of social media users has increased the most and now 37 crore 60 lakh new people are using social media.

According to this report, an average Indian uses the Internet on an average 6 hours 42 minutes every day and gives 2 hours 24 minutes of his day to social media. Women spend more time on social media than men.

London’s research firm Global Web Index also conducted a survey on social media in 18 countries, which shows that people of India are spending 59 percent more time on social media than before.

The Global Web Index has released a list of the top 10 countries using social media the most. In which India is second. Philippines is number one in this.

Analyzing the data shows that now 50 percent of India’s population has access to the Internet. From the point of view of Digital India, it is a very good thing. But knowing how the internet users spend their day is no less interesting.

According to data from Data Reportal, WhatsApp is the most preferred social media platform of the people of India. Which has more than 40 crores users, followed by Facebook with 28 crores users, while Instagram is at number three, which is used by around 80 million people.

Man is a social animal who likes to meet people and talk. Now even though social distancing has reduced this interaction, but on social media a large number of people are coming close to each other and this picture is a new truth for the whole world.


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