DNA ANALYSIS: Rafale aircraft to arrive, China-Pakistan flight is going to sleep

Wednesday is going to be a big day for the country. Tomorrow, the 18-year wait for the Indian Air Force will end and five Rafale fighter aircraft will reach India to give new strength to the country’s security. These aircraft are equipped with the ability to refuel in the air at an altitude of about 30 thousand feet. In the 5 thousand kilometer journey from France to UAE, 5 Rafale fighter jets were refueled more than once. This process of refueling air from one aircraft to another is called Aerial Refueling.

Such air refueling aircraft are called Aerial refueling aircraft. The strategic importance of Aerial Refueling is also very high. With this help, the flight capability of any aircraft can be increased. For example, once a refuel fighter aircraft can refuel it can go up to 3700 km without stopping. But with the help of Aerial Refueling, he can easily cover distances of up to 5 thousand kilometers without stopping. With the help of Aerial Refueling in war-like situations, fighters can stay in the air for a long time and can fight the enemies. Rafal fighter aircraft can fly continuously for 10 hours. During this time, the aircraft needs to refuel about 6 times. Which is filled in air only.

The camera can be seen in the Rafale from the sky, like a ball lying on the ground

There are some such features in Rafale fighter aircraft, which you will be surprised to know about. This aircraft has a camera weighing about one thousand kilograms. From a height of thousands of feet, one can also see a ball shaped object lying on the ground and take a photo of it. The speed of Rafal is about 2 thousand 130 kilometers per hour. That is, the speed of this aircraft is twice the speed of sound. This aircraft also has the capability to carry out a nuclear attack.

Rafale is the world’s first aircraft to carry one and a half times more payload by weight

Rafal aircraft are capable of attacking the enemy from a height of 55 thousand feet. It can carry 16 tons of bombs and missiles at one time. It is the only fighter aircraft in the world. Which can carry Payload one and a half times more than its weight. The Multi-Directional Radar installed in Rafal can target more than 40 targets in a 100 km range. This aircraft has the capability to fire two and a half thousand shells within a minute.

6 laser guided bombs are also fitted with three types of deadly missiles in Rafale. In these laser guided bombs, each bomb costs up to 3 crores. These bombs were used to attack ISIS bases in Syria and Iraq through Rafale.

Another special thing of Rafal is that it has integrated Integrated Self-Protection System. Which is called Spectra. It serves as the defense shield of Rafal. This can jam the enemy’s radar and alert Rafal about the missile coming from his side.

Russia gives blow to China, delivery of S-400 missile system stopped

After Rafale fighter jets, India will also get S-400 missile system from Russia by the end of next year. That is, there will be no match for the strength of the Indian Air Force. By the way, his new friend China is also buying Russia’s S-400 missile system. But in this friendship, the detective wall has come. After which Russia has stopped delivery of S-400 missile system to China. This is a big blow to China due to Russia, because this time when China has fallen alone all over the world. Then Russia is considered his greatest friend.

The S-400 is the most modern and most powerful anti-aircraft missile system. Which is designed to thwart and destroy the attack of all kinds of aircraft and powerful missiles. China signed the S-400 missile system from Russia in 2014. China was the first country in the world to do this deal. In 2018, China also got the first batch of this missile system. But now Russia has stopped the supply of this missile system to China indefinitely. China’s espionage was cited as the reason behind Russia’s decision. Actually Russia has caught some such people here. Who were providing confidential information to China. That is to spy
In the case of China, China did not leave its new friend Russia either.

However, nothing has been officially said from Russia. But in Chinese media and social media, it is being said that Russia has decided to stop the supply of S-400 missile system for the time being. The thing to remember is that amid tensions on the Ladakh border, China appealed to Russia not to supply weapons and military equipment to India. China said that Russia should not do it at this time.

China is not able to express outrage despite delivery being stopped

But now that Russia has stopped supplying S-400 missile systems to China, China is getting angry with this. But now China should understand that it is only with its antics that countries like Russia are creating social distance from it. Even in the case of Ladakh, Russia did not take sides in India and China. In a way, this will also be called India’s diplomatic victory. The way China has become close to Russia and America has come close to India. Russia could also talk to him against India. but that did not happen. Russia is now supplying arms to India on schedule and arms supply to China is currently on hold.


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