DNA ANALYSIS: Punishment on former Malaysian Prime Minister

New Delhi: Former prime minister of Malaysia (malashiya) Najib Razak (najib razak) has been sentenced in a corruption case. Najeeb Razak, 67, was charged with seven corruption charges in one Malaysia Development Berhad scandal. The seven allegations against him proved to be true. After which he was sentenced to 12 years by the High Court of Malaysia.

Theft of public money by creating government funds
Actually, Najeeb Razak, while Prime Minister, had created a government fund for the development of Malaysia. Between 2009 and 2014, several government officials in Malaysia, including Razak, stole nearly Rs 3.5 crore from this fund. It is alleged that out of this, Najeeb Razak got about 5 thousand 200 crores. This case of corruption is known as 1 MDB Scandal in Malaysia. It is one of the largest Financial Frauds in the world.

Purchased luxury property worldwide
These people bought luxury properties worth around 1500 crores worldwide with this money. America gambled in Las Vegas city. Bought expensive painting for about 1500 crores. Even produced a famous Hollywood film. Whose name is THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. The film featured Leonardo Dicaprio, one of Hollywood’s most famous and expensive actors. Ironically, this film was also based on the story of a deceitful and corrupt person.

The corruption was revealed in the year 2015
This corruption by Najib Razak and Malaysian government officials was revealed in 2015. In 2016, the governments and media of many countries of the world started investigating this matter. During this time, media reports showed that Najeeb Razak and his wife had spent about 112 crores out of government funds in the name of traveling abroad and expensive shopping. As a result, in the year 2018, Najeeb Razak’s party lost elections for the first time in 60 years. Prior to this, Najeeb Razak was in power for 10 years.

Assets worth crores found in raids
After this, the police arrested them. 1400 NECKLACE, 567 Hand Bags, 423 expensive watches and other expensive items worth about 1800 crores were found from him. As soon as the pictures of this Raid done by the police came on TV. Similarly, Najeeb Razak’s political career ended forever.

Barack Obama, had close ties with Donald Trump
Najib Razak was very powerful at one time. He had very close relations with politicians like Barack Obama and Donald Trump of America. He was also an ally and supporter of China in international affairs. But now they may have to spend a long time in jail.

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