DNA ANALYSIS policy to slow down old phones Apna Siliguri

new Delhi: The company whose mobile phone you are using. It may be that the company making it is intentionally slowing down the performance of your mobile phone. Apple has been accused of manufacturing the famous mobile phone brand Iphone. This matter was revealed in the year 2017. When a software company measuring the speed of the processor of a mobile phone claimed that as the battery of i Phone gets old. By the way, iPHONE Slow starts happening and its battery starts discharging quickly. Some iPhones suddenly stop.

US states begin investigation against Apple
Now many states of America have started an investigation against Apple, the manufacturer of iphone, considering it fraud with customers. The state of Arizona is headed by this investigation. Some states are investigating this matter since October 2018. According to a document released last week, now the US state of Texas has also been involved in this investigation.

Apple agreed to slow down battery, announced compensation
However, the Apple company has accepted that the old battery-powered iphones have become slow. He is also ready to pay compensation of Rs 3 thousand 746 crore after apologizing in this matter. Apple has promised customers who had mobile phones ranging from iphone 6 to Iphone 7 Plus series and which were running on iOS 10.2 and iOS 11.2 before December 21, 2017. The company will give 25 Dollars i.e. 1800 rupees as compensation to those customers. Apart from this, the French government has also imposed a fine of Rs 157 crore on Apple in this case.

Apart from Apple, other companies have also been accused of fraud
Apart from Apple, many other tech companies in the US are facing criticism for cheating customers. Recently, during a hearing in the US Congress, companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook faced many serious allegations. In most cases the CEOs of these companies did not give satisfactory answers. In such a situation, the investigation of this fraud of Apple by different states can increase difficulties for him.

US lawmakers are also hearing on companies
After the completion of the hearing, the US lawmakers said that these companies have a monopoly on the market and this monopoly must end. For this, even if you have to break these big companies into different small companies. It was suggested that new rules should be made to monitor the functioning of these companies and the accountability of these companies should be fixed.

US lawmakers sought to end monopoly of companies
The MPs who are hearing also gave an example of a 130 year old incident. Said that in 1890 there used to be two big businessmen in America. Whose names were Andrew Carnigie and John D Rock-feller. Andrew Carnigie owned a very large steel company and Rock-feller owned an oil company. Both these companies had a monopoly on the steel and oil business in America. An Anti Trust Act was brought to America in 1890 to end this monopoly. The purpose of which was to end this monopoly. But today after 130 years, many big companies have again established an umbrella rule on the markets around the world. Now to end this monopoly, this 130 year old law is being re-interpreted there.

100 million people in the world use Apple products
Today around 100 crore people all over the world use products made by Apple company. Similarly, the number of users of Amazon’s products and services is also in crores. The number of people using Google’s products and services is around 500 crores. The number of Facebook users is 260 crores. If all these companies commit any fraud, then it affects almost the entire population of the world. The total market value of these companies is five trillion dollars i.e. Rs 375 lakh crore.

Incorrect behavior of companies is impacting people’s lives
This number is also double the total economy of India. If these four companies make their own country together, then in the case of economy, these countries will be fourth after America, China and Japan. The allegations against these companies are very serious and the behavior done by them has a direct impact on the lives of the people.

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DNA ANALYSIS policy to slow down old phones Apna Siliguri

DNA ANALYSIS policy to slow down old phones Apna Siliguri

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