DNA ANALYSIS: Now China wants control over rivers too?

new Delhi: India wants to stop the flood. But in contrast to this, it is being accused of India’s neighboring country that by creating a large number of dams, it causes floods in any of its neighboring countries, sometimes it creates drought conditions. It is said that the next world war will be caused by water. But China wants to fight the next World War with water. Therefore, you should also know about this Chinese conspiracy today.

A few days ago, we told you about the Chinese flood, how more than 40 million people are affected there. But the problem of floods in China is not just this year, now it happens in China every year and the biggest reason for this is that the infrastructure of the dams that China had built to weaponize water, the same dams Infrastructure is now overshadowing China.

You will be surprised to know that China has built more than 87 thousand dams in the last several decades. This is a very large number. But the question is why did China build such a large number of dams? Dams are usually built so that we can control floods, use water for irrigation, generate electricity and store water, but China’s intention to build dams on its rivers has been something else. .

China’s move to make water weapon
Actually, China wants to make water a weapon and for this, it resorts to the dam. That is why China has built such a large number of dams. You can understand China’s intentions with the example of three rivers. The first example is China’s largest river Yangtse and its tributaries, where 100 dams were under construction till seven years ago. Now you think, how many dams would China have built here after seven years.

Similarly, the river Mykong, which is the seventh major river in Asia, and which flows through southwestern China to countries like Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, has also built 11 dams on this river. These dams were built by China so that they could control the waters of the Mykong River. Mikong and its tributaries are the lifeline of more than 60 million people in Southeast Asia, and China is deciding the fate of these 60 million people through a dam on this river.

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Let us tell you the third example. The third example is of the Brahmaputra River. China has built the Zang-Mu (Jang Moo) Dam on the Brahmaputra River in Tibet, which was completed in 2015. In Tibet, China is building three similar dams on the Brahmaputra River. The Brahmaputra River originates from Tibet, flows in the northeastern areas of India including Arunachal Pradesh and Assam and through this dam China brings flooding to the northeast when it wants. That is, China uses it as a tactical weapon.

China’s grandeur on rivers too
China is able to do this because the geographical location is in its favor. Many such rivers originate from China, which flow from there and come in 18 countries. Apart from China, there is no other country in the world from where rivers flow to 18 countries. China took advantage of this and started preparing a comprehensive dam infrastructure to control the water of the rivers. With this, China now decides when the water from its rivers will flow to other countries when, where and in what quantity.

By building dams on the rivers, China stops the water and releases the water of its own accord whenever it wishes. With this, he can also bring flood in his neighboring countries, and if he wants, he can also bring drought in his neighboring countries and has done so from China. We have just told you about the Mikong River, which flows through China, to the 18 countries around it. Last year, the water in this river was very less, this river started drying up. At that time, China had given less rain as the reason. But the real reason for this was the dams of China, which stopped the flow of the river and ruined the environment system.

When the water level of the Mykong River decreased last year due to the dams built by China, there was a drought in the neighboring countries of China. For example, Thailand had the biggest drought of 40 years. Sugar production reached a 9-year low, while Thailand is one of the largest sugar exporting countries in the world. That is, Thailand suffered a huge economic loss due to China. Similarly, rice production in Vietnam was affected due to the drought. There was a lot of damage to the paddy crop. Countries like Laos and Cambodia also saw a similar drought crisis.

Later, the pole of China’s lies was also revealed, in which he had given the reason for less rain, drought. Satellite photographs proved that China had used its dams to stop the flow of water, by stopping the flow of river water from the dam, China had filled its reservoirs. These reservoirs were empty in May last year, but in the next few months, these reservoirs were filled. While other countries were longing for this water. It is obvious that China had done this to stop the water here, to create drought conditions in other countries.

Water crisis in asia
There is a huge water crisis in Asia anyway. Water is more important than oil, because life is not possible without it. It has also been said that in the 21st century, there will be wars for water only. And for this war, China has prepared itself first. That is, China will now fight its next war not with weapons but with water.

But by making water a weapon, China is creating a crisis not only for others. Rather now he himself is trapped in this crisis. A large part of China is currently flooded and China is calling it the most terrible flood of the last 100 years.

But it is raising questions on China itself that it has created this crisis itself. Just like he spread the Wuhan virus all over the world. Many cities in China’s eastern region, central region and south-western region have been inundated.

Villages, towns and cities along the banks of China’s largest river Yangtse have been flooded everywhere. This river is the lifeline of one-third of China’s population, but China has put people’s lives in danger by building hundreds of dams on it. In China, the situation has become such that in order to reduce the water pressure, China had to blow up the dam built on a tributary of the Yangtze River with explosives a few days ago.

The root of the problem – Three Gorges Dam?
A huge Three Gorges Dam of China is built on the Yangtze River itself. Which has been said to be the biggest cause of flood. Because it was said that China had hurriedly opened the dam’s gates for fear of breaking of this dam.

As the world’s largest dam, China has been calling the Three Gorges Dam its pride, and the voices raised against building this dam were ignored by China. But now this dam became a threat to the people. It is also being called the dam of destruction in China.

This dam was built by China in 17 years and due to this, more than 1.3 million people were displaced in China, but since this dam has been built, 13 cities, 140 towns in China get terrible floods every year. , The same is happening this year.

The situation is that now China has to call its army to deal with this dangerous situation. Few days before the break of this dam, China again opened the gates of this dam. Due to which, the surrounding areas have been flooded once again.

China has built dams of destruction, not dams of development. And built these dams so that they could use them as strategic weapons. But it is said that he who digs a pit for others, himself falls into that pit at some time. The same is happening with China.

Risk of breaking of China’s longest dam
We have just told you about the biggest dam in China, which is being told the danger of breaking. If this dam is ever broken, the lives of more than five crore people in China will be in danger. Now you think how big a crisis China has created for itself.

But this story is not just about a dam. There are thousands of dams in China, whose safety is being questioned. You will be surprised to hear that there are 94 thousand old dams in China, which are in a dying state, i.e. these dams can break anytime.

Most of these dams are such, which were built in the era of Chinese dictator Mao. There are also many small dams, which have gradually become very weak in the last 50-60 years and many of these dams are now crumbling.

An example of this is a dam built in South China, which was broken only last month due to heavy rains. This dam was built in the year 1965, but this 55 year old dam could not withstand the pressure of heavy rains.

But China suppressed the news of the breakup of this dam. China is doing exactly that with its largest dam. Which has suffered a lot after the increased dangerous water level.

China’s compulsion is that it considers this dam an issue of national prestige and pride. Therefore, he is trying to hide the truth of the safety of his dams from the world.


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