DNA ANALYSIS: New ‘education system’ from new education policy

new Delhi: A new education policy has been announced after 34 years in the country. In this policy, the format of school education in the country will change and sports and technical subjects will get priority. With this, the name of the Ministry of Human Resource Development will also be changed to the Ministry of Education. Till now the schooling system in India was based on the format of 10 + 2. But now it has been changed to the format of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4. Under this, the first 5 years of schooling will be considered as Foundation Stage. This means that during this time a strong foundation will be prepared for the students. It will be prepared by Curriculam NCERT. This will include three years of Pre-Primary and one year of first and second grade. Under this, children will be taught through sports and different activities.

The foundation of a good future will be prepared from the beginning
After this, the students will be prepared for the future during the next three years i.e. from third grade to fifth grade. Under this, students will be introduced to subjects like Science, Mathematics, Arts, Social Sciences and Humanties. Its next three years will be considered as Middle Stage. It will include students from class 6 to 8. In this, students will be taught according to the syllabus.

After this, classes from 9th to 12th will be the last stage. In this, students will develop a deeper understanding of the subject. Their analytical ability will be enhanced. Also, they will be motivated to set big goals in life.

Schools will no longer have a stream system
The most important thing is that now schools will not have the same Stream System as before. If a student of Arts wants to study Physics, then he will be able to do so. If a student of accounts wants to study history then he can do it too. It is possible to create a pool of different subjects for this and students have to choose the subjects of their choice from that pool itself.

Class 5 will be studied in mother tongue
The second important thing is that up to 5th standard, studies will now be done in mother tongue, local language and national language. That is, the compulsory of studying in English will end here. For example, if you want to teach your child in Marathi, Sanskrit or Gujarati language till 5th standard then you can do this. English will now be studied only as a subject. With this, the phase of forced Englishization of schools will now end.

Children will get a chance to learn computer coding from sixth grade
After reaching the sixth grade, students will also get the opportunity to learn Computer Coding. With this, the students of India will also be able to learn the technology of making software and mobile phone applications on the lines of countries like China. They will also get an opportunity for internship from the sixth grade itself. If a student is interested in a subject and wants to acquire his practical knowledge, then he can do an internship related to this subject. For example, if your child is fond of painting then he can go to an internship with a painter.

Exams will now be semester based instead of yearly
Exams from 9th grade to 12th standard will now be on semester basis. There will be two semesters in the year and there will be an examination every 6 months and your final marksheet will be prepared by adding the marks of both semesters. This means that now as a student you will have to study for the whole year and you will not be saved by saying that you only want to prepare for the Final Exams.

Board exams will be made easier
Apart from this, board examinations will be made easier and more attention will be given to the ability of the students. The habit of making the ratta through the tutoring and coaching classes will be eliminated. Students who take the board exams will now be allowed to take the exam in the language of their choice. For example, if you want, you can take the exam in one of the languages โ€‹โ€‹of Hindi or English.

The report card will also add marks for non-teaching activities
Students’ Report Cards will also not be prepared as before. While giving Final Marks to a student, his behavior, his performance in Extra Curricular Activities and his mental abilities will also be taken care of. Apart from this, the Report Card will be prepared on the basis of 360 degree assesment. In this, students will also give marks to themselves, teachers teaching subjects will also give marks to students and classmates of students will also evaluate them.

Common Aptitude Test will also get admission in colleges

A lot of changes have been made in this new education policy for students studying in college. Now students will be able to give the Common Aptitude Test for admission in the college. This means that if your numbers have not come so much in the board exams of class 12th that you can get admission in a college directly on the basis of cut off, then you can also give the Common Aptitude Test. Your performance in this test will be combined with the results of your 12th standard. Based on that, you will get admission.

You will get a certificate even if you leave your studies in between
Graduation studies will be divided into 3 and 4 years Course Duration. Previously, if you left college studies in the middle, then you would not get a graduation degree … but after the implementation of the new education policy, if you leave the college after one year, you will be given a certificate. Similarly, if you leave college after studying for two years, you will be given a diploma and if you complete three years of studies, you will be given a Bachelor’s degree. If you want to take a Bachelor’s degree by doing a 4-year course .. then you will get this degree with a Research Certificate. This will benefit those students who have worked on a project during college. In this course of four years, like the students of the school, the college students will also be able to study different subjects simultaneously. This arrangement has been called Multi Entry and Multi Exit. That is, when the student wants to study the subject, he will be able to do it and when he wants to leave this study … then this work will also be done easily.

Academic Bank of Credit will be created
Apart from this, an Academic Bank of Credit will be created. Under this, if you want to do more than one course at once, you will be able to do so. As far as the course you will complete. His marks will be deposited in this Credit Bank. Then when you do a course for final degree, this credit will be added to it. This entire system will be fully digital and online. It is also an important thing that Sanskrit will also be promoted in schools and higher education institutions. Different subjects will be taught in Sanskrit in Sanskrit universities. Sanskrit studies will also be emphasized in school and college.

IIT education will also change
The education system of IITs will also be made more holistic than before. Now the subjects of Arts and Humanities will also be taught in these higher education institutions. With this, students of Arts and Humanities will be able to use the knowledge of science to improve their skills in other fields. Overall, the education system of the country will now be such that students will be able to do practical inventions and make big inventions for the country.

School – Colleges will be banned on arbitrary fees
Music, art and literature will be taught in every college in the country. New rules will be set for school and college fees. After this, schools and colleges will not be able to charge more than a fixed fee. The new National Higher Education Bill prepared by the Central Government has been approved by the Cabinet and now it will be introduced in Parliament. After this, it will take the shape of law. Then state governments will also have to enact laws on it and implement it.

Ministry of Human Resource Development will change its name
With the announcement of this education policy, the name of the Ministry of Human Resource Development will also be changed to the Ministry of Education. The opinion of more than 2 lakh people has been taken to prepare a new education policy and after this this new policy has been announced. This education policy will be implemented till the academic years of 2021 and 2022.

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