DNA ANALYSIS: NASA’s 9th Mars Mission in space, ‘helicopter’ to fly on Mars

new Delhi: US space agency NASA has launched its ninth Mars Mission for Mars. It is one of the most ambitious Missions of NASA and the eyes of the whole world are set on this mission. NASA has named this mission Mars Mission 2020.

A small helicopter named Inge-Nuity was also sent along
The biggest feature of this mission is a small helicopter. Whose name is Inge-Nuity (Inge Nutty). The weight of this helicopter is two kilograms. NASA released a video and told how this small helicopter will work on Mars. According to NASA, while flying in the atmosphere of Mars, this helicopter will rise 10 feet above the surface and will go up to 6 feet at a time. With every effort, it will try to go further and collect flying data.

The helicopter will have one month to fly
In this mission, the helicopter will have one month to fly. NASA says that if this experiment is successful, then astronauts and robots in the future can be seen moving from one place to another with such helicopters on Mars.

A rover named Perseveranc was also sent to Mars
NASA has also sent a rover named Perseveranc weighing over one thousand kilograms to this mission with this small helicopter. This rover will run with nuclear power. This means that for the first time plutonium is being used as fuel in a rover. This rover will work on Mars for 10 years.


Rover will record sounds and picture of Mars
It has a 7-foot robotic arm, 23 cameras, microphones and a drill machine in the rover. With the help of which the rover will record pictures of Mars and the sounds present there. This rover will also collect soil and stone samples from the rocks of Mars. From which evidence of human life on Mars will be found in ancient times.

‘Indian’ connection of small helicopter to Mars
The helicopter sent on Mars also has an Indian connection. This helicopter is named Ingenuity. Which means The inventive character of a person. A helicopter of Mars origin has been given this name by Vanija Rupani, a student of Indian origin. Actually, NASA had organized a competition for naming this helicopter. In which 28 thousand contestants participated. In which the name suggested by Vanija was finalized.

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