DNA ANALYSIS: ‘Mamtamayi’ analysis of mother’s ‘strength’

new Delhi: The media of our country is most affected by the news of politics and strategy. Therefore, on the front page of newspapers, there are either news of politics or news of strategy, while there is very little news that is passionate and emotional. But today we are going to tell you a story that will make 137 crore people of India realize the true power of a mother. This news is inspiring news for women all over the country.

Story of a mother’s courage
A video from a CCTV camera installed in a colony in Shakarpur area of ​​Delhi reveals a story of a mother’s courage. In this video, two people try to kidnap a 4-year-old girl from her home on a motorcycle. But back and forth the mother of this girl comes out of the house and she pushes this motorcycle hard, causing both kidnappers to fall down.

After this, this woman first secures her baby girl and then holds the Kidnappers’ motorcycle for a long time. Still Kidnapper manages to escape by escaping. But this story does not end here, after this some people of this colony run after these kidnappers and try to bring them down.

Meanwhile, a person stops a scooty in the middle of the road and stops the path of these kidnappers. Kidnappers fall down and then these people try to catch these kidnappers. However, despite all efforts, these kidnappers escape from there. Police have arrested the girl’s uncle and his friend involved in this conspiracy.

This video of Shakarpur makes two things clear, first, that a mother can put her life in danger to save her child and second that there are still some people in our society who know how to perform their duties. Huh. The police has the responsibility to catch the criminals. They can also catch those people of society who do not wait for the police to come after the incident, but also try to stop the criminals with their intelligence. This is also called Social Policing. Mother always knows to stand as a wall between her child and challenges, and our society does the work of strengthening this wall and this video is a proof of this.

Shantabai did battle with lathis
One such video has also come from Pune in which an 85-year old woman is demonstrating an art of war with lathis. You must have also seen this video on social media. The 85-year-old’s name is Shanta Bai. Who are showcasing their art even at this age to nurture their family. After this video of Shantabai goes viral, she is getting support from all over the country. People are writing posts on social media in praise of him and are also coming forward to give him financial help.

This art of war is called Kalaripayattu. Kalaripayattu is also called Indian martial art. The part in which sticks are used is called Wadi Vishu. Shantabai Wadi is performing Vishu, which makes people surprised. Shantabai says that due to Kovid 19, all the means of earning have stopped and that is why she tries to earn some money by performing this art. Shantabai is doing all this for her grandchildren who are studying at the moment and she wishes that there is no hindrance in her studies.

It is also being said about Shantabai that he has also worked as a co-star in many old Hindi films. Shantabai says that she learned this art from her father at the age of 8 and she still practices and performs it today.

This power and passion only in ‘mother’
There are hundreds of such examples all over the world, when a mother put her life at stake for her child. In 2016, a mother in California, US, was confronted by two dangerous dogs to save her child. The child playing in the house law was attacked by two dogs. When the child’s mother saw it, she immediately tried to save her child and go inside the house. For five minutes, both dogs kept attacking him. But the mother stood up as a shield for the child. Both mother and child were also injured in this attack, but by playing their lives, this mother finally saved her child from both the dreaded dogs.

For the safety of our children, the feeling of fighting with anyone can only be in a mother. An example of this was also seen in Houston, USA, in the year 2018, when a house caught fire. Then amidst the fire in that house, a woman and her three children were trapped. Till the fire brigade team reached there, this woman placed herself in the balcony of the house on the fire side and gave her children a place to stand in a safe, away from the fire. When the fire brigade team reached there, the woman first asked to save the children. Shortly after the fire fighters rescued the three children and their mother from the fierce fire.

This power of the mother and this feeling of the mother is not only seen in humans, the form of mother also in animals is the same, which is in humans. We are showing you some pictures of wild animals. In this too, you will see a mother’s affection towards your child. And when there is danger, this mother has the power to confront dangerous animals to save her child’s life.

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