DNA ANALYSIS: Guidelines issued for ‘Unlock-3’ in the country

new Delhi: The Union Home Ministry has released the guidelines for Unlock 3 (unlock-3) starting from August 1. Under this, the night curfew will end in the entire country from August 1. Along with this, gym and yoga institutes will also open in the country from August 5. At present, the night curfew is in force from 10 am to 5 am.

School- College, Metro, Cinema Hall will be closed till 31 August
According to the Home Ministry guidelines, on August 15, people can participate in the Independence Day program across the country. But they have to follow social distance. At the same time, schools and colleges will remain closed till August 31. Metro trains, cinema halls, entertainment parks will also not open. The ban on religious, political, cultural and entertainment related events will continue. The ban will continue even if more people are involved in the social function. The lockdown will remain strictly in the container zone till 31 August. Elders older than 65 years, children below 10 years and pregnant women have been advised to stay indoors.

More than 1.5 million corona infected in the country
With the introduction of unlock-3 guidelines in the country, the corona virus is also spreading rapidly in the country. Due to the negligence of people, the number of patients of Covid 19 in India has now exceeded 1.5 million and the death toll has reached 34 thousand. When there were only 500 cases of Covid 19 in India. After this, Lock Down was installed and the roads of the country became completely deserted. Now, on an average, 50 thousand new cases are coming to India every day.

The problem of negligence is that when people go to the shop to buy fruits and vegetables, they go there wearing a mask. But when people reach liquor shops, the rules of Social Ditancing are torn apart. Alcohol intoxication dominates the fear of the corona virus. The situation is that when liquor shops opened in Lock Down, its sales in most states increased by 10 percent more than before. According to a recent survey, 74 percent of the people of India say that even after the opening of restaurants, they will not go to eat there because they are afraid of infection.

Serological test data increased concern
Currently, Lockdown is being implemented in many states and cities of India after a short interval. But even this, the number of new patients is not coming down. In India, an average of 5 lakh tests are being conducted every day and the positivity rate is around 12 percent. That is, after the test of 100 people, the result of 12 people is coming Corona Positive. But this figure does not tell the whole story in itself. In India, 11 thousand tests are still being done per 10 lakh people. Which is more than before, but not enough for India’s huge population. Meanwhile, statistics of Serological Test in some cities have arrived. These figures are very worrying. Serological test is used to detect those Anti Bodies in the body. Which are formed after being infected with a virus. Anti Bodies fighting Corona Virus have been found in the body of about 24 percent of people in Delhi. Similarly, during the Serological Test in Mumbai, these antibodies have been found in about 40 percent people.

Corona infected most in Delhi – Mumbai
The population of India is currently 137 crores and if the data of Delhi is made the basis, then about 33 crore people of India have been infected with this virus. If Mumbai’s figures are taken as the basis, then about 54 crore people of India have become Corona Positive. Most of these people probably will not even know about this. Now if the average of the figures of 24 percent of Delhi and 40 percent of Mumbai is taken, then it sits at 32 percent. Accordingly, about 44 crore people in India have been infected with Covid 19.

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