DNA ANALYSIS: Does CCTV Stop Crimes?

New Delhi: For the last one year, this propaganda is being done about Kashmir that the freedom of the people there has been taken away. There, people do not have the freedom to use the Internet and even to speak. The people of Kashmir are completely under the supervision of the army. Actually, what is it like to be under government supervision 365 days of the year. If you want to see this then you have to see China. Where people live under surveillance of most cameras in the world.

UK tech company prepared report
Is a UK based Technolgy company. Whose name is Comparitech. According to the new report of this company, people living in the cities of China live under surveillance of CCTV cameras more than the whole world. According to this report, the 20 cities in the world which have the most CCTV i.e. Closed-Circuit Television Cameras are installed. 18 of them are from China.

Over 77 million Surveillance cameras in the world
According to this report, more than 77 crore surveillance cameras are installed in the whole world. Of these 41 million 50 million cameras are only in the cities of China. This is 54 percent of the total CCTV cameras present in the world. By 2021, the number of Surveillance cameras in China is expected to increase to 54 million. Researchers have prepared this report on the basis of police departments, government data and news articles of 150 cities of the world.

China’s highest cameras in the world in Tai Yuan City
This report found that China’s maximum number of CCTV cameras are installed in the city of Tai Yuan. The number of CCTV cameras installed in this city with a population of about 40 lakhs is 4 lakh 65 thousand 255. This means that there are 120 CCTV cameras per thousand people. Wuxi city of China is second in this case. The population of this city is slightly more than 30 lakh and the total number of cameras installed here is 3 lakh. The city has 100 CCTV cameras per thousand people.

18 of the top 20 CCTV surveillance cities in China
China has 18 cities in the top 20 cities of the world in terms of CCTV Surveillance. The other two cities are London and Hyderabad, India. London is third in this case. Where there are 67 cameras per thousand people. Whereas Hyderabad at number 16 has 30 cameras per thousand people.

Number of cameras per thousand 14 in Delhi
But the surprising thing is that the cities which have the most population in the world. There is a very small number of CCTV cameras per thousand people. For example, Tokyo, a city with a population of more than 73 million, has only one CCTV camera per 1000 people. The number of CCTV cameras per thousand people is only 14 in the city of 20 million population. Whereas in the capital of Delhi, CCTV cameras are installed on a large scale to prevent crimes. This issue has also affected the politics of Delhi.

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