DNA ANALYSIS: China ‘refrains’ from peace on border, refuses to back down

new Delhi: Today’s biggest and worrying news is that China has refused to retreat from the disputed areas on the LAC. Instead of retreating from the Finger 4 area near Pangong Lake, the Chinese Army has deployed 40 thousand soldiers on LAC. Due to this deception of China, the Indian Army has also started its preparations. In view of the coming winter, the Indian Army has started sending large numbers of soldiers and their equipment to the front. That is, this dispute will last till winter or maybe even longer and there is no hope of ending it soon.

This simply means that China does not want peace and it wants to maintain the confrontation. Due to this deception of China, the Indian Army has also started its preparations.

India does not trust China and that is why the Indian Army is vigilant to deal with every situation and this vigilance will be maintained till the winter. But if this collision goes on till the winter then the conditions will be very difficult, because the temperature of Ladakh reaches minus 50 degrees in winter. However, the Indian Army has a lot of experience in these situations and the world believes that in such weather and such mountainous areas there is no other army stronger than the Indian Army.

China cheated again
But right now it is a matter of China to follow the promise in which it had talked about withdrawing from the border areas of the border, while the forces of the two countries have been negotiated at the level of the Corps Commander four times. But Fingers 4 of Pengong Lake has still not left the Chinese soldiers behind. Now this is the biggest issue of border dispute between the two countries.

It simply means that China is not fulfilling its promise and deliberately does not want to end the dispute. That is why India is also not leaving any shortcoming in its vigilance and its preparation. A meeting of the commanders of the Indian Air Force has started from Wednesday, in which the Air Force’s preparations on the LAC were discussed amid controversy with China. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was also present in this meeting. He has asked the Indian Air Force to be ready to deal with any situation on the LAC.

Air force orders to be ready
In this meeting, the Defense Minister has made it clear to the Air Force that the Air Force should be ready for operation on short notice if it is required in the event of a collision. The air force has also been praised for the speed with which it has increased its deployment on the Ladakh border in the last few weeks.

The Air Force has made tremendous preparations on LAC. Sukhoi-30 MKi, Jaguar and Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft of the Air Force are stationed at strategically important bases in Ladakh. Next week, the Air Force is also going to get 5 Rafale fighter aircraft. Apart from this, it was also reported on Tuesday that the MiG-29K fighter aircraft of the Indian Navy will also increase India’s military strength in Ladakh.

The gist of this news is that China is not going to back down from its habit of cheating and India has to be very careful about it and prepare to remain on the front for a long time.


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