Dispute with US over South China Sea issue, China surrounded by all around

new Delhi: The dispute between China and the US on the issue of South China Sea is deepening. The situation between China and America remains tense. China is surrounded by all sides. The biggest preparations are being made to surround China. This is the reason that now China is also preparing to face Britain, Australia including America.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has given a big statement about China. Pompeo tweeted, “The South China Sea is not China’s maritime empire and now independent nations have to come together.”

In fact, the Sino-US cold war, which started with Coronavirus, has come to such a point where the situation between the two countries has become like a war. America has prepared. Whether it is cooperation with countries or the deployment of warships or the closure of consulates, the siege of China is from all around. One place where the most stressful situation is there is South China Sea.

America’s warship is stationed in South China Sea. Constant maneuvers are being done. Apart from America, Japan and Australia have also shown their maritime strength to China. And now the effect is that China has also started making big preparations.

The news is that China is engaged in making two new advanced aircraft carriers. Two new aircraft carriers from China will be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

Let us know that two aircraft carriers of America are already deployed in South China Sea.

2 new aircraft carriers of China ready by next year
2 new aircraft carriers of China will be ready by next year. China is currently constructing two Next Generation aircraft carriers to curb the growing interference of the US and Japan in the South China Sea. This aircraft carrier of type 002 class will be the third warship of its kind in China. The work to build these ships is going on fast.

It is believed that by the end of next year China can take off these two aircraft carriers.

China has come to know and understand that if the world war happens then the sea can be so important in it and it is facing the most challenge from the sea right now.

India, Australia, Japan, Britain, Taiwan, America and many countries have completed their preparations, in response to which now China is thinking of taking this step.

According to media reports, the process of assembling both aircraft carriers is progressing rapidly and China is engaged in equipping these aircraft carriers with modern technology.

The new aircraft carrier of Type 002 class will have the world’s most advanced electro magnetic aircraft launch system. This system is similar to the technology employed in the aircraft carrier of the US Navy’s new generation USS Gerald R Ford Class. With the help of this, heavy ships are launched into the air during takeoff from a small runway.

The US has already deployed three of its nuclear aircraft carriers near Taiwan, two of which are conducting maneuvers with Taiwan and the rest of the Allied countries, while the third aircraft carrier is patrolling near the islands of Japan.

China knows how much power it faces. It was only by these exercises of these American warships that China got a sense of their power.

If we talk about America, then America has the most modern army and weapons in the world. In the list of 137 countries, America is far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of Army, Navy and Airforce. America has 800 military bases in the world.

And the US Navy is considered the most powerful navy in the world. In view of these threats, China is now preparing itself.

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China is threatened by not only South China Sea but also India in the Indian Ocean and Japan in East China Sea. Because here too big preparations have been made to stop the encroachment of China. At the same time, Britain has also arrived in South China Sea. There are three US forces present in Japan.

This is the reason that China has become restless and now this restlessness can be seen from these steps.

What are aircraft carriers?
A temporary warship in the sea is called an aircraft carrier. They have the ability to fly and take off fighters. 60 to 90 fighter aircraft and helicopters can be landed in them easily. They also have radar along with air-fired missiles. These aircraft carriers look like a small city floating on the sea. Under any circumstances, they have the ability to remain stationed in the sea for several months. Aircraft carriers are the most important part of any country’s biggest strategic force.


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