Dictator from Corona! Emergency declared after finding suspect of Kovid-19

Seoul: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un convened an emergency meeting of the Politburo after the first Corona suspect case in the country surfaced and decided to implement a lockdown in the border town of Kesong. According to North Korea’s official news agency, Kim Jong-un said that he feels that this cruel virus’ has arrived in the country.

Let us tell you that Kaesong city, with a population of about 2 lakhs, is located north of the border with South Korea. If the corona report of this suspect comes positive, then it will be the first official corona patient of his country declared by North Korea because earlier this country was describing itself as corona free. According to the news agency, Kim ordered Kessong to be sealed, calling it a national disaster. Earlier, there was a stir in the city when the man revealed his return from South Korea on 19 July.

However, the official news agency has not made it clear where the suspect’s corona test took place. Medical examination of the young man who returned from South Korea found unusual symptoms. However, after thorough physical examination, it is believed that the fugitive youth may have come in close contact with a corona positive.

Please tell that North Korea has received thousands of kits for testing Corona from Russia and other countries. Thousands of people were quarantined during the Corona period, recently exempted from rigid restrictions and strictly sealed borders.

In the last few weeks, North Korea has tightened up those fleeing the country in the quest of settling in South Korea, although in the past, by changing allegiance to North Korea, there is a trend to punish those who flee South Korea on charges like treason and such He has been describing the affairs of South Korea as a conspiracy.

The dictator Kim Jong-un ordered his military unit and administration to punish the culprits severely after investigation. At the same time, we have also asked to be more careful to prevent such incidents in future. South Korea has not yet responded to the matter.


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