Delhi gets new 450-bed Kovid Hospital, CM Kejriwal inaugurated

new Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today inaugurated the newly built hospital in Burari online. Burari Hospital is being started with 450 beds. However, 700 beds will be made here. CM Kejriwal said that 450 beds have been added to Burari Hospital for treatment of Kovid (COVID-19) patients, this will help the residents of Delhi for treatment and this hospital will serve the people in the coming time.

Kejriwal said, “With the cooperation of doctors, nurses, the central and Delhi governments, we have won the victory in controlling Corona, but we have not yet won.”

CM said that Burari Hospital is being started from 450 Kovid beds right now. With the addition of 450 beds of this hospital, the number of Kovid beds in Delhi has also increased. It is correct to say that the people of Delhi have won the Corona by the Delhi Government and the Center together, but it is not correct to say that they have won the battle of Corona.

CM Kejriwal said, ‘Corona cases have decreased for the last one month, mortality has decreased, recovery rate has increased and the average of positivity has come down. This has happened due to the hard work of all people. For this, I want to congratulate all the doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, officers and all the people who have worked hard. This Burari hospital will serve the people here in times to come. This hospital has been started at the right time, when we are struggling with Corona. I am very happy that this 450 beds, which are newly connected, will prove to be very helpful for the people of Delhi in the battle of Corona.

Significantly, the Delhi government is building a 700-bed hospital in Burari. A month ago, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia visited the hospital to take stock of the progress of the work. In view of Kovid-19, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had given instructions to complete the construction work of the hospital soon.

In this hospital, oxygen has been provided on every third bed. With this, oxygen will be supplied from the cylinder on 125 beds.

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