Data of genuine Corona patients deleted and uploaded thousands of fake patients, this was the reason

new Delhi: The police’s North West District cybercrime team has arrested a hacker who hacked a company’s database, 4 cyber attacks, deleted the data of about 18000 patients and tampered with the bills of nearly 3 lakh patients. Not only this, this hacker uploaded the information of about 22000 wrong patients on the company’s system.

In fact, the police had received a complaint from the CEO of Easy Solution Private Limited that some of their databases have been hacked and deleted. Actually, this company keeps data of some hospitals, including some Kovid hospitals. After getting the information of the case, the police registered a case and started investigation and arrested a person named Vikas Sharma from Shahdara through surveillance.

In the interrogation of the police, Vikas said that he used to work in Easy Solution Private Limited, the company fired him during lockdown.

Since he was fully aware of the structure and flaws of the website, it was determined to harm the company, due to which the company should hire him to find a solution in case of a loss.

In the police interrogation, Vikas confessed that he carried out 4 cyber attacks and deleted 18000 data related to patients, billing information of about 3 lakh patients and false entry of about 22000 patients.

According to the police, Vikas Sharma is an MSE IT and was a senior software engineer at Easy Solutions Private Limited.

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