Dangal girl Simran accused, Delhi government did not fulfill its promise

new Delhi: Delhi’s Dangal girl of real life, who won India’s fame internationally in women’s wrestling at her young age, is embroiled in the stakes of the government’s hollow promises. We are talking about 18-year-old wrestler Simran Ahlawat, who on his own gave India the silver medal for the first time at the Youth Olympics. Today, Simran has released a video of his allegations against the Delhi government on the promise.

Simran has released a video, accusing the ministers of Delhi Government of not fulfilling their promise. In which he has mentioned Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Health Minister Satyendar Jain. Simran says that after bringing the silver medal in the Youth Olympics, the promises made to him by the Delhi government were not fulfilled.

Simran released the video and said that in 2017 I won the bronze medal in the World Championship. At that time the Delhi government promised to give me cash reward. But I have not received any help yet. I tried to raise this issue in front of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia but so far I have not received any reply. Simran said that my financial situation is not good due to which I am not able to practice. He has requested help from Delhi government.

Simran’s allegations can be gauged as to why India’s place in the medals table of the Olympics and other games remains so low. After all, why is China at the top of the medal table in any Olympics.

Simran, a Delhi-based riot girl who started Pahlavani with riots in Haryana and UP. This riot girl, who licked the boys with her agility and strength, never looked back, went to different riots with her father at a very young age and got her wrestling among the wrestler boys. The journey of Simran’s wrestling started from the domestic arena and crossed the borders of the country and continued abroad.

Simran won the silver medal at the Youth Olympics in India in 2018, won the gold medal in the Asia Cadet Wrestling Championships in 2016, the silver medal in 2017 and the bronze medal in 2018. The school won the gold medal in the World Wrestling Championship in 2017, and won the bronze medal in the World Championship in 2017 itself.

Simran showed that by winning a gold medal in 2016, silver in 2017 and bronze medal in 2018 at the National Wrestling Championships, a champion has stepped into the world of rioting before making his iron debut in international level wrestling. Simran also made Delhi Kesari in 2019 because of her wrestling. The dream of Simran, a riot girl who dreams of lighting the name of Delhi all over the world, has been broken by the Delhi government itself.


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