Current Scenerio During Lockdown In Siliguri Markets

Current Scenerio During Lockdown In Siliguri Markets BIDHAN MARKET, Hong Kong Market, Haiderpara Bazar.

Bidhan Market

It has been seen now-a-days that the area of the Bidhan Market has not been crowded as earlier. Due to lockdown as well the disease of Corona Virus spreading over a number of areas, the people of Siliguri as well as outside of Siliguri  has been limiting their food habits, buying habits and many more. Current Scenerio During Lockdown In Siliguri Market has resulted to keep the shopkeeper are seating idle in order to get a single customer on behalf of that most of the shopkeepers are not being able to pay their staff minimum salary, rent and also not being able to pay electricity bill due to selling.

Hong Kong  Market

This is a market situated just near bidhan market. Mainly the products has been imported from China, before it has a huge gathering of customers, but after the lockdown and the crisis of conflict between India and China has considered by the people that the use of china products may cause harm to them so from the customers and shopkeepers opinion it has come to an end. Current Scenerio During Lockdown In Siliguri Markets that it may be now or later the customers found the name of Hong Kong Market only in the books or newspapers.

Haiderpara Bazar

This market is situated is situated in Haiderpara itself. It consists of fish bazaar, fruits and vegetables bazaar, and many more. The rapid spread of Corona Virus has completed affected the area in many ways. Most of the people are founding to be Corona Positive  in that area, so from the previous week the market has been shutdown. All the shop are being closed, so the shopkeepers are taking lot of tension to feed their families and small children.  Current Scenerio During Lockdown In Siliguri Markets stated the customers are being afraid to go there and buy grocery items as well as fruits and other daily needs products so there are going to Ektiasal hut to buy such daily needs items and many more.


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