COVID-19: Which country in the world is far ahead in the vaccine race?

new Delhi: The statistics of Coronavirus Infection and deaths in the world are creating a new record every day. In such a situation, in the midst of all possible efforts to stop its spread, everyone’s eyes are fixed on when will the vaccine come? Many countries of the world are in the race to develop Kovid-19 vaccine. Which of these will be the first to complete all the tests and bring vaccine to save the world from this disease, this time will tell. But WHO has released the status of which country is using which platform to make vaccine and what stage of human trials it has reached. In this, there are 4 countries in the world, including India, who are working on two-two vaccine candidates (COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate).

USA In the United States, Moderna Inc is manufacturing a vaccine called MRNA-1273. This vaccine is developing on the RNA platform, whose human trial is in the third stage.

At the same time, Pfizer, a USA based company, is also developing a vaccine BNT-162 in collaboration with German company BioNotech. The vaccine, which is developing on the RNA platform itself, has undergone the first and second stage of human trials and is awaiting approval for the third phase.

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UK – Two vaccines are also being developed in the UK. The first vaccine candidate is AZD-1222 from Oxford University. Developing on a non-replicating virus platform, this vaccine has recently released the results of the first phase of the human trial. Now it is waiting to get a license to trial in India.

The SELF-AMPIFYING RNA VACCINE of Imperial Collage London in the same country is in the first phase of the human trials. It is developing on the RNA platform.

India – The first vaccine candidate here is Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN, with human trials of Phase-1 and 2 underway across the country. The platform of this vaccine is Inactivated virus. At the same time, the second vaccine candidate is ZyCOV-D of Zydus Cadila Company. It is also in the first and second phase of the human trials. Its platform is DNA and Recombinant measles Virus.

China – The third phase of the trial of the AD5-NCOV vaccine candidate of CanSino Biologics Company has recently started. It is developing on the Non-replicating Virus platform.

Russia – Work is also underway on two vaccine candidates in Russia. At present, the names of both the candidates have not been revealed. One candidate is from Gamaleya Research Institute which is being developed on Isolated strain platform. Its phase-1 is complete. At the same time, the second phase-2 trial of Siberian Vector Institute has started.

Australia – The BCG of the University of Sydney and Centenary Institute here is in the second and third stages of the VACCINE trial. Its platform is Live Attenuated Virus (LAV).

Canada – Here Medicago, GSK and Dynavax companies are together making PLANT-BASED VACCINE, whose human trials are in the first phase. This vaccine candidate is being made on the Virus-Like Particle (VLP) platform.


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