Covid-19 and US-China stress, gold and silver prices on new record daily

Jaipur: Corona is possessed by the world’s economy. Meanwhile, the choice of investors has become a permanent investment. This is the reason why gold and silver prices are setting new records every day due to Corona infection and tension between America and China.

In the month of July itself, gold prices have risen to Rs. Four thousand per ten grams and silver prices to Rs. 16,000 per kg. Sourced America and China have continued to record record prices in the past week. Rising prices are missing the charm of Khadra subscription in the festival season, while the big investors continue.

There was a tremendous rise in the price of silver
In the global market, gold is very close to $ 2000 an ounce. Corona remains the trend of investors towards precious metals during the crisis, which is likely to break this psychological level, although market analysts suggest that gold could break history by breaking the $ 2020 an ounce level in 2020. Encouraged by the rapid rise in the international market, gold is continuously setting a new record in the domestic market and the price of silver has also gone up tremendously.

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Has a direct impact on retail subscription
There is a tendency of investors towards gold as a safe means of investment, due to which gold has remained a new record in the global market and silver also continues to trend steadily. Due to the rising outbreak of Corona virus infection, silver mining has been disrupted and industrial activities in various countries of the world are back on track, with the expectation of increasing industrial demand for silver, its prices have been steadily rising. Retail subscription has a direct impact due to the increase in investor sentiment. Despite the festive season, the jewelery market continues to share customers.

Investors made huge profits in silver
Between the Corona epidemic and the geo-political tension, prices of gold and silver are witnessing a sharp rise. During the last four months, silver prices have doubled. Investors in silver have made strong profits. Silver prices on MCX on March 18, 2020 were 33,580, which has now crossed 67,500. Given the demand and the current trend, the price of silver is likely to remain strong till Diwali.


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