Corona Warrier of Kashmir helps such Kovid patients

Srinagar: A corona warrior of the district is engaged in the service of Kovid patients day and night. This young man is an ambulance driver who not only brought thousands of Kovid patients to the hospital, but also arranged for burial and cremation of Kovid patients after their death.

Jamil Ahmed has been tasked to deliver Kovid-19 patients to Astpal along with burying the dead and transporting them to the cemetery and crematorium for the last rites. In some cases, he even worked to dig the grave himself for the dead.

At the same time, his relatives no longer want to meet him because they think that Jamil Kovid can be positive.

So far, he has taken more than 8 thousand Kovid positive patients to the hospital in Srinagar. Out of 302 deaths in Jammu and Kashmir, 85 people have died in Srinagar from Coron, Jamil has also traveled to Krabistan to bury 70 of them.

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Jamil’s ambulance is now kept for Kovid patients only and it runs a ferry only for patients suffering from this epidemic. According to Jamil, Kovid’s fear is that whenever the ambulance plays the siren, the grave diggers run away from the cemetery leaving their tools behind. And then Jamil himself dug up the incomplete grave and buried the deceased.

Jamil Ahmed works as an ambulance driver in the Srinagar Health Department. They believe that their religion is to help the helpless, whose reward will be revealed to them.

Jamil says, ‘I have taken about 80% of Kovid positive patients to the hospital in this car. I did not do this work because, I would get a medal but rather thinking that Allah will give me this prize. These people and their families are helpless. Kovid is afraid of handing over patients. If we too do not come forward then who will help them? So, somebody has to have courage.

He further said, ‘I do not let my wife and child go anywhere nor meet my family.’

Explain that the number of Kovid positive patients in Jammu and Kashmir has crossed the 18000 mark and 300 to 400 positive cases are being reported every day.

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