Corona lockdown in judicial courts holding wheel of justice, thousands of cases pending

Jaipur: Wheel of justice in the revenue courts in corona lockdown Holding back The justice system is also not untouched by this virus. For three months, the officers who were hearing in the revenue courts were kept on duty in other arrangements, including dealing with Corona, keeping lockdown. On the other hand, there was a lot of pendency in the courts. Probably for the first time in the lockdown, in the judicial system, such a situation was seen that even if the justice is not available, the dates for getting away have also stopped.

Due to the busyness of the government machinery, there is a spate of land related matters in the Collectorate and Tehsils. Lockdown Corona added to this space done. The challenge before the administration is how to end waiting for dates of people in search of justice. About 4 lakh 57 thousand cases are pending in 475 revenue related revenue courts including Revenue Board in the state. The lazy state to give justice is the subdivision officer. Most cases are pending in the subdivision officers’ courts.

Generations of the parties have changed but the decision is still out of their reach. Actually, officers from Collector to Naib Tehsildar level in the districts have been engaged in dealing with the Korana virus in districts, including lock-down cradle, curfew, migrant workers, the system of workers coming to the state. This officer, as a presiding officer, hears revenue cases.

Prompt justice is the fundamental right of every Indian citizen
In case of disputes related to the division of land, ownership, nomination and demarcation in the state, the cases are filed in the Revenue Court but hearings are in the court of Naib Tehsildar, Tehsildar, SDM, ADM, Collector but these officers have There are also administrative functions and responsibilities. In this case, the time of hearing is not available. The Human Rights Commission has intervened in the revenue courts for the disposal of peddling cases for years. Rapid justice is the fundamental right of every Indian citizen. In such a situation, rights cannot be relinquished. In the budget session of the Legislative Assembly, legislators have raised cases related to peddling in revenue courts, vacant posts of members in the revenue board and corruption in the revenue court.

62 thousand 689 cases pending in revenue board
According to the information, in the Board of Revenue, 35 thousand 627 of the Tenancy Act, 23 thousand 981 of LRACT, 1970 of Colonization, 860 of Ceiling, 40 of Directors Land Records, 76 of Public Demand Recovery, 21 of Escheat Act, 6 of Zamindari Biswedari Act. , 33 of Jagirdari Abolition Act, 14 of Forest Act and registered in the year 2018. 1 case of Rajasthan Religious Building and Places Act is going on.

The most involved in the land dispute
However, it is said that justice delayed is equal to injustice. This statement is proving to be accurate in the cases of revenue courts. If there is any workload in the courts, then it is due to land disputes. The interesting thing in this is that in this land dispute, the family members are the most involved, that is, more than half of the cases in the land dispute are between the family members.

A fact has also emerged that in the land dispute Most poor and backward people stuck Has happened. For settlement of disputes related to property sharing, through the panchayats, the elders of the village and the influential people of the family can be mutually explained. Sometimes disputes can be settled in a better way than social pressure. We have to strengthen our family system in this sense.


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