Corona impact on fruit cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir, huge loss to farmers

Srinagar: The effect of Kovid-19 is being seen continuously on the fruit cultivation of Jammu and Kashmir. Due to the lockdown, there is a loss of 50% in the business of plums. However, the government claims that every possible help is being provided.

In J&K this year, not only life, but also the cultivation of fruits is facing Kovid here. The goods are ready on the trees, but the market is hardly available to sell it. Steps taken to prevent the spread of corona virus disease (COVID-19), including Kashmir, remain a major obstacle for these traders. Markets, retail and wholesale shops are closed in the valley and due to this the farmer is suffering big losses in his crop.

Prices of Kashmir are sent all over the country. It is believed to be due to its taste but this year the alphabet grew less. Because farming could not be done properly due to lockdown.

Mohammad Afzal says, “We are packing the plum and every year it goes to Delhi and Mumbai. But this year the plumage has reduced compared to last year, but our business is completely dependent on it.

Fruit farmers are worried about the spread of this kovid. They believe that this time the disease has caused a lot of damage. The markets were closed but even laborers are not getting to remove fruits from the trees. Fruits are also less grown. Everything is expensive. Wages have also become expensive.

Abdul Razak fruit merchant says, ‘This year there was a lot of damage. Even laborers are not available, vehicles are not available.

The government is helping the farmers and the facility is being brought to the local market of Srinagar or to sell the goods outside. The government has sent a message to the farmers that as soon as their goods are ready. Information should be conveyed to them and their goods will go out without any hindrance. Not only this, the government has opened the Mughal Road only for the transportation of fruits.

Let us know that the economic system of Kashmir is dependent on the business of fruits and this year this trade has suffered a lot of losses due to Kovid. But the government is trying its best to give all possible help to these farmers.

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