Corona gets ‘out of control’ in Kota, record 168 new positive cases in 1 day

Mukesh Soni, Kota: Corona virus has been out of control in the district. Especially in the last days of Unlock 2 in Kota To see the explosion of corona Are getting. Cases of infected people are coming from every colonies of the city.

On Thursday, a record 168 positive cases were reported in a single day. Earlier on July 25, a record 123 people were found corona infected in a single day. Together, the number of infected in the quota has increased from 1489 to 1657 in a single day.

The increase in the number of positives has stirred the district administration and medical administration. Medical department teams Continuous sampling from infected areas Is engaged in the work of

988 cases in 30 days
In Kota, there were 669 case reports till unlocked till June 30. In 30 days of Unlock 2, 988 cases increased to 1657. During this time, corona infected came out from every area of ​​the city. The corona virus is causing havoc in more than three dozen colonies of Kota. Central Jail, Mahavir Nagar, Vigyannagar area has become a new hot spot.

Talking about the last 24 hours, 221 corona infected cases have been reported in 24 hours. The infected include health workers, policemen, prisoners, businessmen, those working in private institutions.

Don’t be careless, heavy
In Kota, the number of infected people is increasing day by day. Family members are also coming in the grip of the virus. According to the medical department officials, due to the lack of proper guidance of the common man, the positive cases are increasing. Infection is increasing due to not using social distances and masks.

How to break the chain
To prevent the spread of corona infection it is necessary to break the chain of viruses. After mounting cases, the district administration on Sunday announced a one-day lock-down. Experts believe that the concern here is that if the corona infection continues to spread in the Kota in the same way, then the situation may be out of control. People need to be careful in time so that the corona chain can be broken.


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